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Lisbon & Sintra

Lisbon, Sintra to Cascias

  • Follow trails through the hills and coastline of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park
  • Explore the colorful monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sintra
  • Combine vibrant Lisbon and the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park on a short break
  • Stay in the lovingly restored 13th century Convent of Sâo Saturnino
  • Feast on delicious fresh seafood as you finish in the lovely seaside town of Cascais

Walking in the Sintra Cascais Natural Park, following beautiful coastal and inland trails and exploring the exquisite palaces, castles, and monasteries, is one of the highlights of walking in Portugal. With its lush tropical gardens and colorful monuments, it is clear to see why Sintra was a popular summer residence for the Portuguese nobility between the 15th and 19th centuries.

You can begin your trip with a visit to Portugal's capital Lisbon. This city of seven hills is a classic European city, narrow streets crammed with fascinating architecture, tiny little bars and eateries, and an outstanding atmosphere as soon as the sun goes down. With everything from Michelin Star restaurants to tiny holes in the wall serving traditional Portuguese fare, Lisbon is a must-visit city. 

On the walking routes, contrasting trails take you from tranquil wooded hills to the rugged Atlantic coast, with views over golden sandy beaches. Feast on delicious fresh seafood whilst sipping local Colares wine, and stay overnight in boutique hotels, including the wonderful Convent of Sâo Saturnino. You can discover this beautiful region by Walking from Sintra to Cascais or treating yourself to luxurious hotels on our Lisbon & Sintra In Style tour.

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Discover Lisbon, Sintra to Cascias

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Sintra

    How do I get to Sintra from Lisbon?​

    It is easy. Take Line 1 bus from the airport to Lisbon Entrecamps Station. From here, catch the train to Sintra which takes just 40 minutes and runs every 20 minutes.

    What can I do in Sintra in one day?​

    Our loop tour covers the following – Quinta da Regaleira, Pena Palace, and Castelo dos Mouros. This is only a 5km walk but it will take all day as you can easily spend 2hrs walking around each sight. If you want extra time to see the Palacio Nacional de Sintra and the town itself, recommend an extra day! 

    What is the hiking like around Sintra?​

    We have created a varied itinerary, so you are covering a wide range of terrains and vistas. There is a mixture of rugged coastal walks with walks through inland forested paths. No real vertigo issues although the Loop Walk to Praia Adraga might take your breath away a little.   

    Where should I add extra nights?​

    We would recommend extra nights in Sintra itself to give you more time to get the best out of the varied attractions in the town or Cascais for some chill time in a very pretty coastal town! 

    Is Sintra worth visiting?

    Sintra is one of the jewels in Portugal's crown. There are very few places in the world that cram in such an abundance of contrasting architectural styles and seem so otherworldly.  From the gothic wonderland of Quinta de Regaleira, its tunnels, wells, and palaces shrouded in mystery, to the flashy, brightly colored Pena Palace to the stoic might of the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle) which overlooks the whole town.  It is a place we would highly recommend visiting. 

    Is Sintra expensive?

    Sintra is no more expensive than the rest of Portugal. Entry to the various attractions ranges can make it an expensive day-trip with entry costing around 12-15Euros.  An evening meal would average around 23Euros. 

    Is Sintra safe?

    Sintra is incredibly safe.  Because it is a little town there is very little in the way of a criminal element in Sintra. You may hear of the occasional pick-pocket in high season due to the number of tourists visiting, but as long as you are sensible and alert you will have absolutely no issues when visiting Sintra. 

    What is there to do in Sintra at night?

    Sintra is relatively quiet at night being that it is mainly a daytime destination with most people visiting for a day trip.  however, there are a few bars in Sintra that are busy at night and there are many restaurants serving everything from traditional Portuguese food to Sushi and Pizza. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Sintra
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