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  • Cross Switzerland on the Via Alpina from the German to French-speaking regions
  • An amphitheatre of snow-capped peaks on the Walker’s Haute Route
  • Off the beaten track, discover the quieter side of the Matterhorn in the Val d’Annivers
  • The pearl of Switzerland, Lucerne, surrounded by its idyllic lakes and mountains
  • Ride the iconic Glacier Express, one of Europe's most mesmerising train journeys
  • The enticing region of the Bernese Oberland, from its alpine villages to mighty peaks

Switzerland's magnificent landscape demands immediate action – grab boots, poles and your backpack, so you are ready to discover it. Home to Europe’s greatest concentration of 4000m mountains, it is no surprise that it is said to have some of Europe’s finest hikes. Embark on a classic trail crossing the whole country on the Via Alpina or take on the challenge of the Walker’s Haute Route, glimpsing the iconic Matterhorn coming into view as you reach Zermatt at the end of your hike.

Switzerland is also the perfect place to embark on your first self-guided tour. It offers the best maintained and marked trails in all of the Alps and has enough variety to suit every taste and fitness level. Why not discover the picturesque chocolate-box villages of Mürren, Wengen and Grindelwald whilst walking through the Bernese Oberland or visit Lucerne as you hike around its lake and travel by boat, gondola, and train to reach your daily hikes.

Macs Adventure has been creating trips in Switzerland since 2008. Our team will work with you to find your perfect trip, making personal recommendations and providing advice. Whichever trip you choose, you can be assured that we have picked the best accommodations and walks this country has to offer, providing you with a memorable experience.

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  • Why book your Swiss Hiking Vacation with Macs?

    Since 2008 we’ve organized thousands of hiking tours in Switzerland. Each year our staff spend time here ensuring classic routes run smoothly and seeking out the best hiking trails, accommodations and restaurants.

    As in all of our self-guided hiking tours we transfer your luggage and you can travel on your terms by choosing your own departure date and who you travel with. We provide route info packs, maps in our easy-to-use app which even works offline. Sustainable travel is important to us, and traveling with us supports local small businesses.

    Our specialists are here to help connect you with your perfect adventure. Just get in touch if you have any questions.

    Why book your Swiss Hiking Vacation with Macs?
  • Our 5 favorite Swiss Hikes

    1) Walkers Haute Route. Epic Matterhorn views from Zermatt after hiking through 4000m Alpine peaks

    2) Tour du Mont Blanc. A tough challenging classic through France, Italy and Switzerland

    3) Lucerne Lakes and Mountains. High mountain hikes and stylish lakeside hotels. Bliss!

    4) Glacier Express. Gentle hikes, awesome views and Europe’s most beautiful train journey.

    5) Best of the Bernese Oberland. The Alpine hikers’ playground with incredible options for everyone.

    Curious to know more? Read on in our Blog '5 best hiking tours in Switzerland

    Our 5 favorite Swiss Hikes
  • Local Cuisine

    Älplermagronen - Completely unpronounceable by English speakers, but a very delicious all-in-one pasta, potato, cheese and cream dish. Served with fried onion and stewed apples

    Fondue - Dunk rustic country bread into melted cheeses, infused with lashings of wine and garlic, bubbly over an open flame.

    Rosti - Thinly grated potatoes, pan-fried until crisp and golden.

    Raclette - A local cheese melted over a fire to blanket boiled potatoes, pickles and onions. Enjoy whilst drinking copious glasses of local Fendant wine.

    Local Cuisine

  • Hiking the Bernese Oberland

    Follow these lovely friends from New York, as they travel into Switzerland to hike the Bernese Oberland. They are blown away by the glaciers, the views, the little trains. The journey is 'Transformative'.

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  • Walker's Haute Route

    Andy and John lead you along the Walker's Haute Route, one of Europe's classic Alpine hikes. The video shows you the terrain you can expect on the route as well as what it is like crossing glaciers in the high Alps.  

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