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Camino Portugues

Camino Portugues

  • Begin your adventure in Lisbon, the colorful capital city of Portugal
  • Hike the entire Camino Portugués, from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela
  • Discover historic seaside towns on the Coastal Route starting in Porto
  • Enjoy Pastel de Nata and coffee along the way
  • Sip ruby port wine in the UNESCO city of Porto
  • Gain your Compostela in Santiago after completing this rewarding journey

Experience both Portugal and Spain on the Camino Portugués. Generally a quieter and more rural Camino option, you’ll start in the historic city of Lisbon, and journey through historic cities, UNESCO sites, vineyards, valleys and woodlands. Don’t forget to enjoy the famous Port wine in Porto, and delicious Pastel de Nata at breakfast!

Starting in Porto, you can choose to hike the Traditional Camino Portugués route, or the scenic coastal route ending in Santiago de Compostela. Whatever route you wish to take on, our range of itineraries is sure to have the perfect fit for you!

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Discover Camino Portugues

  • Why choose Macs for your Camino Portugués?

    Since 2010 we’ve organized thousands of self-guided pilgrimages on the Camino Portugués. Since we established the Camino Frances, we knew this hiking experience could be replicated with different landscape, cultures and flavors, so the Camino Portugués was the natural next step.

    Macs offers self-guided hiking tours, so travel on your terms, choose your own departure date and travel companions. We provide luggage transfers every day, route info packs, and an app with easy-to-use maps that can be used on or offline. Traveling with Macs supports local small businesses, and we hold sustainable travel at high importance!

    Get in touch with our specialists so we can connect you with your perfect adventure on the Camino Portugués.

    Why choose Macs for your Camino Portugués?
  • Five Reasons to hike the Camino Portugués

    1. The Cities - Encounter amazing and diverse cities on the routes following the Camino Portugués. Each bursting with local color and specialties with their own unique look and feel, these cities are a joy to visit. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is full of antique trams, delicious restaurants, and artistic flare. You’ll find deep history bursting in Tomar, and ancient baroque library in the riverfront town of Coimbra. Porto is constantly growing, keeping strong ties to its people and history, and Santiago is the culmination of pilgrimage routes and a great place to celebrate your achievement.

    2. The Food - Portugal is unique in its gastronomy. Although the dishes are usually centered around simple stews or grilled fish or meats, these plates are elevated by the amount of flavor and skill of cooking involved. Famous for its farm to table elements, Portugal is the master of this culinary art, marrying unique local-grown herbs with fresh seafood. Pastries are a delicacy here, with Portuguese chefs specializing in flakey Pastel de Nata, and the wine is silky smooth, produced right from the land itself.

    3. The Peace - The Camino Frances through Spain is the classic pilgrimage and is high in popularity with thousands of people from all over the world completing it each year. But, if you want a quieter experience, the Camino Portugués is the way to go. Pass through quaint coastal towns, rural countryside, and scenic villages as you travel north. Starting in the UNESCO city of Porto, taste famous port wine and tour baroque churches before you begin your journey. Celebrate your accomplishment in Santiago de Compostela with other Camino pilgrims after you finish your adventure!

    4. The People - Experience the warm and understated welcome of the Portuguese people, highlighting their friendly and giving presence. It is not abnormal to be invited into a stranger’s house to share a meal and sample their home-grown wine. Often, Portuguese locals may recommend you hike or go somewhere “off-the-beaten-path” that are entirely spectacular. Make sure to sample the different types of food to have a culinary experience instead of just to eat, and learning some of the local language will go a long way!

    5. The Coast - There are two ways to hike the Camino Portugués. Once you reach Porto, after the first three sections, you can chose to continue on the traditional route, or deviate and take the coastal route. Both amazing, the coastal route welcomes new experiences, both in scenery and cuisine. Mostly untouched by tourism, it is a pleasure to hike along the wild Atlantic coast in solitude, and then feast on the bounties of the sea at night!

    Five Reasons to hike the Camino Portugués

  • Which Camino route is the one for you?

    There are many different routes to Santiago de Compostela. Some are quiet, some are wild, some are only a week long and some are over a month. In this video we discuss the various options open to you to help you figure out which of the Caminos is the right one for you, so that you can get your boots on and get walking, confident that you have chosen the Camino that suits you perfectly.

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  • What is a Camino?

    The word Camino is one that you will have heard before, but what actually is a Camino and how is it different from a regular walking holiday? In this video we cover the history and some of the key facts of walking a Camino, so that you are clearer on what it involves and might fancy taking one on yourself.

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