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We're delighted to have launched an exclusive club to reward our most loyal customers.

Our Pathfinders Club recognizes travelers who have booked and accomplished 3 or more Macs Adventures with Gold membership benefits. Additionally, anyone who has booked and embarked on more than 5 journeys becomes eligible for the extra special Platinum membership benefits. Ranging from discounts to insider information, we aim to reward the most devoted members within our community of active travelers.

Terms of Pathfinders Club Membership

  • Gold level benefits are available to customers who have traveled as a lead booker 3+ times.
  • Platinum level benefits are available to customers who have traveled as a lead booker 5+ times.
  • Added flexiblity: One free amendment offer is available until your balance due date (usually 6 weeks before your trip starts)
  • You become a member of the loyalty club after completion of your qualifying trip.
  • Membership of the loyalty club and eligibility for benefits is dependent on the member having traveled within the last 3 calendar years.
  • If your membership has lapsed (you have not traveled for 3 years), you will be eligible for any benefits again after your next trip.
    • For example if you traveled 3 times but your last trip was more than 3 years ago, you will no longer be eligible, but will regain Gold level membership after your next trip.
  • You don't need to do anything to join! Once you've completed your third booking, we'll be in touch with offers you are eligible for.
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