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Walking and Biking Tours in Loire Valley

Loire Valley

  • Majestic chateaux, colourful gardens, and the Loire River, scenic and serene 
  • The lure of the romantic Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 
  • Enjoy the laid-back pace of life on peaceful riverside walking trails 
  • Easy cycling on dedicated paths, devised specifically to be traffic-free
  • An adventure on which you can sample classic French cuisine and local wines
  • Carefully chosen hotels and guesthouses each providing a warm welcome

The Loire Valley, renowned for its medieval chateaux, colourful and majestic gardens and wonderful wines and cuisine, is a fascinating place deserving of exploration. Whether you choose to cycle or walk in this heavenly region of France, you will return home with a sense of wonder. Not only because of its beautiful landscapes, but also because it offers a peaceful oasis. Why not book our Loire Valley: The Chateaux Trail tour where you can experience walking on trails that offer this serenity. 

The cycling trails here are second to none. You can cycle on the mostly flat Loire Valley Cycle Path from Orleans to Chinon. This is a dedicated cycle path and perfect, either for those who have never tried a cycling tour before, or for those who wish to explore this region in detail. As the rides each day are only between 30-45km per day, there will be plenty of time for visits to the historic chateaux, such as Villandry and Azay-le-Rideau or places such as Villandry, with its famous Renaissance gardens.

Macs Adventure can be trusted to provide you with a great walking or cycling experience in the Loire region of France, as we have been booking tours in this area for many years. Simply call your Adventure & Destination Specialist who will guide you to choose the right tour for you. We simply love the Loire and our hope is that you will fall in love with it too!



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Discover Loire Valley

  • Famous Chateaux of the Loire - Which One Should you Visit?

    The Loire Valley has over 300 chateaux! Some are architectural masterpieces and others range from fortified castles to splendid residences. Many were built on hilltops as a defence against enemies and some are inspired by Italian designers.

    Historically they are the legacy of French kings and queens who loved this area of France and had royal estates here. Then came the tradition of majestic gardens, so you will often find these in the grounds. 

    Whatever your particular interest we are sure that you will revel in visits to the following, most of which you can visit on our Loire Valley Cycling and Walking Tours. 


    Described as a fairy-tale castle, this imposing structure was built in the 16th century and has turrets and a moat. It was actually built on an island (in the middle of the River Indre) during the reign of Francois 1 and is a combination of French and Italian design. 


    This magnificent chateau is the very largest in all of the Loire Valley and is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, built in white limestone. Explore its sumptuous interior. Rather than simply a residential palace or a hunting lodge it is an amazing work of art, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. It also has an 18th century French formal garden which links up with the surrounding forest.


    This castle is a feat of medieval architecture, spans the River Cher and was built in 1513. If you visit during the summer months you can take an illuminated night walk. It has a rich museum collection of furniture, paintings and tapestries and also has extraordinary gardens, one of which was designed by Catherine de Medici.


    Located in the town centre, this chateau has frequently been remodelled and has buildings which span the 13th to the 17th centuries. It has 4 wings and a diversity of styles stemming from the fact that it was designed and built by 7 kings and 10 queens of France. From April to September you can see a Sound & Light Show in the courtyard. 



    Famous Chateaux of the Loire - Which One Should you Visit?
  • Loire Valley's Famous Raspberry Liqueur

    The Loire valley is famous for its wines, but did you know that according to the liqueur maker Chambord, their recipe takes after a raspberry liqueur made in the Loire Valley in the late 1600s? The liqueur is created from raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar Vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey, Cognac, and other spices and is an easy way to turn your glass of Champagne (or Prosecco!) into a cocktail just by adding a splash of this delicious liqueur. Chambord is also used in many cocktails, including the "French Martini," consisting of Vodka, Chambord, Black Raspberry Liqueur, and pineapple juice.

    Fun fact - Despite its name, the 'French Martini' was invented in New York! But it is known as the "French" Martini because it's made with this French raspberry liqueur!

    Loire Valley's Famous Raspberry Liqueur
  • Loire Valley Wildlife

    Not only is the Loire the longest river in France, but there is also an abundance of wildlife that live in it. For the bird watchers, expect to see buzzards, eagles, woodpeckers, and larks. When cycling through the forests, be sure to also lookout for the many uncommon bird species you might find, such as the short-toed treecreeper and the European bee-eater (which can eat up to 250 bees a day!). It's not just birds either! There are many land animals such as wild boars and aquatic creatures, so keep an eye out for bitten tree trunks, as you might see a beaver! Beavers were reintroduced to the area around 30 years ago and are commonly seen along the river.

    Interestingly, another semi-aquatic rodent seen in the Loire river is a Coypu (pictured). Coypu origins are in South-American, and they found their way over to France due to fur traders in the 1940s. When the market collapsed, they escaped and still inhabit the river to this day.

    Loire Valley Wildlife
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