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Solo Active Trips

Solo Active Trips

  • It's 100% your own adventure, at your own pace
  • Enjoy time and space for body and mind
  • Meet and engage with interesting people along the way
  • A solo hiking or biking tour is a huge accomplishment! 
  • Benefit from easy to follow maps and guidance by app
  • Plus, our seamless organization and 24/7 support if you need it

Traveling solo on a self-guided active trip is the ultimate freedom. With no compromises, you can go at your own pace and indulge in time to yourself, all for yourself!

Our most popular hiking tours for people traveling solo follow the Camino de Santiago. The Camino Frances pilgrimage route to Santiago in Spain draws pilgrims from across the globe, and you'll feel spirit of camaraderie each step of the way. Or, opt for one of the many quieter Camino routes for a little more time and space alone for contemplation.

Many classic routes like Hadrian's Wall Path in England or the Danube Cycle Route through Austria are very well waymarked, giving you the confidence of following an established path. Or, explore fascinating corners on foot or by bike for a very personal journey, where you can indulge in some calm and clean air. On a self-guided trip you're not part of a group, but with detailed information, seamless planning, and maps and routes on our simple app, we're behind you every step. Solo self-guided travel gives an unrivalled sense of freedom and accomplishment!

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Solo Travel FAQs

Q. Can I do any trip solo?

A. We will always prioritize the safety of our travelers, so sometimes in more remote areas or on trips with more challenging terrain we won't offer certain trips to solo travelers. Check the "Is it for me?" information on our tour webpages, or the booking checkout will show if you can't book the trip solo.

Q. Will I be able to navigate alone?

A. Yes! You'll have the Macs Adventure app and any other guides or maps you'll need for your specific trip. Our app lets you easily follow your route and all the mapping and information is available offline.

Q. Is there a guide?

A. No, you'll travel self-guided on our trips, which means you are not part of a group and don't have a guide. We believe it's the best way to travel on your own terms. We'll make sure you have everything you need, and we're available by phone call or via our local support if you need us.

Q. Why is there a single/solo supplement cost?

A. Any trip you book will be likely to have a solo supplement due to higher costs for private rooms (compared to two persons sharing, which our standard pricing is based on). Costs for any luggage transfers or other services will also be higher as they are not shared. We always try to negotiate the best and fairest prices for solo rooms or other trip inclusions. The solo cost will be calculated as you go through our online checkout, or our specialists will be happy to provide a quote and any other advice you need.

  • Solo Travel - Presenting at Kendal Mounatin Festival in the UK

    Fiona Marshall (who leads our global product and tour development team at Macs Adventure) talked to Jo Moseley about the joys of solo travel. Find out what inspires Fiona, why the sense of achievement of a solo adventure is unbeatable, and how to build your confidence as a solo traveler. Go for it!

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