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The Cotswolds

  • Hike or cycle through the classic English countryside of the Cotswolds
  • Explore the quiet lanes of picturesque villages like Chipping Campden and Stanton
  • Enjoy the friendly local atmosphere and hearty food in a local pub
  • Visit Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage city, where the Cotswold Way ends
  • Take in the views from Broadway Tower over the surrounding countryside
  • Cycle to Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon

Quintessentially English, the Cotswolds offer landscapes of green rolling hills combined with a scattering of charming, honey-colored villages. A true treasure of Britain, the Cotswold region features pristine gardens, pretty cottages, castles, stately homes and ancient ruins. 

Our Cotswolds in Comfort tour is a really special way of exploring the region - a circular hike taking in some of the prettiest villages in the Cotswolds whilst staying in boutique hotels and fine inns. Or you may wish to hike the Cotswold Way, one of the UK's most popular National Trails, starting in Chipping Campden and heading south all the way to Bath. If you prefer pedal power to get yourself around, there is always our Cycling in the Cotswolds tour. Finally, for those who enjoy the finer things in life and want to do things in luxury, check out our Cotswolds to Bath In Style tour. 

Since 2007, Macs Adventure has been helping customers explore the Cotswolds and has hundreds of reviews from happy customers. 

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Discover The Cotswolds

  • Why book your Cotswold vacation with Macs?

    Since 2007 we’ve organized thousands of hiking tours in the Cotswolds. Each year our staff spend time here seeking out the best footpaths, accommodations, pubs and tea rooms. We realized that there is more than just the Cotswold Way, so we developed Trail and the Round to showcase the finest villages, historic landmarks and quaint countryside the area has to offer.

    As in all of our self-guided hiking tours we transfer your luggage and you can travel on your terms by choosing your own departure date and who you travel with. We provide route info packs and maps in our easy-to-use app which even works offline.

    Our specialists are here to help connect you with your perfect adventure. Just get in touch if you have any questions.

    Why book your Cotswold vacation with Macs?
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Cotswolds

    Being experts on hiking in the charming English Cotswolds it’s unlikely that there’s a question that we’ve not been asked before! We like a challenge though…so please contact us if you any.

    In the meantime, check out our blog ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which has a wealth of information and questions we’ve already answered. Top questions include: 

    Q. When is the best time of year to hike in the Cotswolds? 

    Q. What historic country houses and Roman ruins can I see along the way? 

    Q. What gardens can I visit and where are the best cream teas?

    Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Cotswolds
  • Download your Macs Cotswold Hiking Guide

    Curious to know more about hiking in the Cotswolds? We have one of the most comprehensive selection of Cotswold hiking tours in the US market, with a variety of different itineraries to suit your personal hiking style.

    Download our Macs Guide to Hiking in the Cotswolds. Or you can speak with one of our experts through an inquire form  or give us a call at +1-844-857-0642.

    Download your Macs Cotswold Hiking Guide
  • Historic and Quirky Cotswold Facts

    Limestone - The Limestone is what gives the Cotswolds villages and churches their honey-colored glow. The dry-stone walls built in the Cotswolds are everywhere and you will walk alongside many on your travels. If you laid them end to end they would stretch further than the Great Wall of China.

    Wool - The Cotswolds were manly built on the wool trade and you can still see many examples of mills on your walks. Many of the impressive local buildings were built with money from the wool trade. The local sheep are called the 'Cotswold Lions' and have been brought back from the brink of extinction.

    Unique Local Customs - There are a lot of very interesting local customs, which you can participate in should you be visiting the area at that time of year. There is an annual cheese rolling at Coopers Hill, Birdlip, where contestants roll wheels of Double Gloucester cheese down a hill! There is also a football game in Bourton on Water where the goalposts are either side of a river! These are only the tip of the iceberg too.

    Outstanding Beauty - The Cotswolds is the largest Area of Outstanding Beauty in England, and the second-largest protected area after the Lake District. The Cotswolds are rural England at its most stunning, the towns and villages with their warm honey limestone facades adding charm and beauty to the natural wonder that surrounds them.

    Historic and Quirky Cotswold Facts

  • Hiking in the Cotswolds

    The Cotswolds are world-famous for bustling market towns, beautiful villages, and stunning countryside. This short feature follows Mark and Sonia who spent their 30th wedding anniversary walking on a Macs Adventure hiking tour in the Cotswolds.

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