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Iceland Walking Tours

Be amazed as you hike through a geothermal wonderland seemingly untouched by time. A hiker’s paradise, Iceland is home to countless waterfalls, glacial tongues, lava fields, volcanoes, jet-black beaches, deserts of ash and deep fjords. To discover this Arctic gem is to experience the power of our planet in its rawest form.

At Macs, we specialize in uncovering the best hiking in Iceland. We plan and customize your perfect Iceland adventure so that you can immerse yourself in the other-worldly landscapes and friendly local culture unique to this country.


  • App Step by Step Video

    Before you depart for your adventure, make sure you download the app, and save your daily routes offline, to make sure you can follow your trails with ease (even if you don't have any mobile data). This short step by step video will help.