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To really immerse yourself in Japanese culture, the very best way is just to throw yourself into it and there couldn't be a better way than going self-guided. While you are free to explore and take in every aspect of Japanese life, we are always at your back.

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  • Best Time to Visit Japan?
    Best Time to Visit Japan?
    Japan's climate varies depending on the season, and each is culturally important. Late Spring (March to May) and late Autumn (September to November) are generally the best times to visit Japan when there is little rainfall, skies are clear and temperatures are mild. The colder months of December to February are less popular with most visitors which can make travelling during this period cheaper, and the perfect time to visit the sights away from the crowds. 
    Cherry Blossom
    The most popular time to visit Japan is during this period, where you can enjoy the magical sight of the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It happens around April and May however since it’s a natural event, the dates can vary according to weather conditions each year. The trees start to blossom in the warmer south in late March and peak about a week after blooming. In the cooler regions, the blossoming begins later usually around early May. It is an extremely busy time and if you are keen to travel to Japan during this period it is recommended to book our trips to well in advance.  
    Golden Week
    The “Golden Week” is a collection of four national holidays within seven days.  It is one of Japan’s three busiest holiday seasons along with New Year and the Obon week. During this time Japanese locals take holidays and transport and tourist sites can be extremely busy. We recommend avoiding this period if possible. If you do want to visit during this period, ensure you can book well in advance and expect higher prices. 
    For most travelers, this is a must-see, and rightly so! From historic temples and traditions to modern skyscrapers and technology. It’s the perfect way to finish a walking trip through rural Japan. This vibrant city is a year-round destination, though you will need to wrap up in winter and bring an umbrella most of the year. Winter, from December to March sees chilly days averaging around 6°C, though the temperature rarely drops below freezing. Summer, from June to August, sees temperatures with an average low around 20 - 24°C and average highs from 22-27°C but the humidity can make it feel much hotter. The best time to visit is late Spring and late Autumn.
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