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How fit should I be for a Walking trip in the Cotswolds?

14 May , 2019  

The Cotswolds is the most extensive designated Area of Natural Beauty in England which makes it a honeypot for walkers. Here at Macs Adventure, we have devised several different walking itineraries in the Cotswolds so that you can get the best out of the area while having varying levels of fitness. If you do not […]

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The 5 Best Hiking Tours in Italy

13 May , 2019  

La dolce vita

Italy is a land of passion. The Italian people put their heart and soul into every endeavor, whether that is creating a fine work of art or just an amazing lunch. Italy is such a diverse country, with strong regional variations and a host of hidden gems, just waiting to be unearthed. You can take the […]


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Festivals and Events in Ireland

9 May , 2019  


Ireland can be enjoyed at any time of the year with its outstanding natural scenery, cozy pubs, lively streets, farm fresh food and intriguing history it’s no surprise it’s a popular year-round destination. There are certainly some events and festivals throughout the year that might make your decision a little easier, especially if your going […]

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How to prepare for a hike on the Appalachian Trail

7 May , 2019  

Preparing for walking on the Appalachian Trail can be daunting. The impressive, awe inspiring trail runs along nearly 2,200 miles on a continuous hiking corridor along the east coast and can intimidate even experienced hikers. But, as with any adventure, it is easy to prepare yourself, your packing list, and each day’s plan to make […]

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How to avoid blisters on a walking trip

2 May , 2019  

If you are worried about blisters from hiking boots while on an active vacation, here are ten top tips for avoidance. Prevention is the best treatment! The right hiking boot or shoe Gone are the days of hiking boots that are so stiff and uncomfortable that they take years – and a lot of suffering […]

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What to pack for walking in the Cotswolds

2 May , 2019  

Walking in the Cotswolds

Walking in the Cotswolds is generally a pleasant experience. However, this ‘green and pleasant land’ did not get so green by sunshine alone! With this in mind, we wanted to offer a comprehensive guide to what you should be packing for your adventure in the Cotswolds. What bag? You’ll need two bags; a small day-pack […]

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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Walking in the Cotswold’s

2 May , 2019  

Broadway, the Cotswolds

There are so many considerations when walking in the Cotswold’s. Our team of experts has come up with their list of FAQs so you have all of the information you need before heading out to explore the pathways and lanes of England’s Cotswold s region.   How fit do I need to be? We offer […]

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The Best Wineries near Niagara Falls

24 Apr , 2019  

Niagara Falls

Over the past thirty years, Ontario’s wine and grape industry has expanded greatly and currently produced over 65% of all Canadian wine. The Niagara Peninsula – one of Ontario’s four officially recognized Vintners Quality Alliance areas – has developed into a major food & wine destination. This is due to both the high-quality wine and […]

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The best bike trails in Colorado

22 Apr , 2019  

Biking in Colorado

Colorado is a recreation hotspot in the western United States, full of rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and mountaineering. But it’s also a great place to cycle, with an impressive network of bike paths throughout the state that connects many of the ski towns to each other. Riding on a dedicated bike path with the beautiful […]


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When is the best time to hike the West Highland Way?

18 Apr , 2019  

West Highland Way

Scotland’s most famous long-distance walking route can be hiked throughout most of year. Thanks to the mild spring and fall Highland climate, walking season tends to start early and push late into the fall. Though the “best” season is inevitably going to be the exact time period that you’re free to do the trek, there […]