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Coast to Coast Hike England

Coast to Coast

  • Hike across the whole of England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea
  • Experience dramatic mountains, rolling green valleys and heather-clad moors
  • Recharge in charming English villages like Grasmere and Patterdale
  • Follow the ancient paths which inspired Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter
  • Become part of the ‘coast to coast’ comradery as you complete a favorite route of the Brits
  • Have afternoon tea with jam and scones, a pint in the pub and fish & chips on the beach

Spanning across the entirety of Northern England, this 200 mile Coast to Coast hiking trail is a journey through three of England’s most beautiful and rugged National Parks.

As the trail winds its way over the Lake District National Park mountains and into the Yorkshire Dales National Park, opportunities are endless to experience historical landmarks or traditional pubs with local ale. Revel in ancient farming practices as you pass mile upon mile of sheep pastures and hand build dry stone walls. Harking back to classical nineteenth century novelists Bronte and Jane Austin, the trail rambles over the moody North York Moors and descents into the charming coastal town of Robin Hoods Bay.

In 1973, Alfred Wainwright laid the foundations of the route, and today, Macs has expert first-hand knowledge to send you on his path.

Our most popular route is the 18 day complete trail, while shorter tours are also available for folks who just want a taste of the of the C2C or want to do one half of the route. Whichever route you choose your hiking vacation will be packed full of beautiful countryside and historic sites.

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Discover Coast to Coast

  • Wainwright's Coast to Coast

    ‘Surely there cannot be a finer itinerary for a long-distance walk! … The countryside traversed is beautiful almost everywhere, yet extremely varied in character, with mountains and hills, valleys and rivers, heather moors and sea-cliffs combining in a pageant of colourful scenery.’ A Coast to Coast Walk, 1973

    Wainwright’s first visit to the Lake District in 1930 took him to the summit of Orrest Head, about which he said ‘those few hours cast a spell which changed my life'. 

    Since he made it famous, thousands have hiked this route in search of Wainwright’s legend as they follow his pictorial guides to the Lakeland Fells.

    Wainwright's Coast to Coast
  • Why book your C2C hiking vacation with Macs?

    Miles of knowledge: Since 2005, we’ve organized thousands of self-guided hiking tours along the C2C. We know the Lake District and the Coast to Coast personally with many staff having hiked or being based on the route...and our first tour over the Scottish Border.

    Accommodation: We’ve selected the best and most suitable cozy hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses along the route. We do a lot of visiting and tea drinking to achieve this!

    Luggage transfers: We carry your main bags to lighten your load.

    Travel on your terms: You choose your departure date and who you travel with, we do the rest.

    Tried & tested itineraries: We offer a variety of different hiking options on the C2C.

    Why book your C2C hiking vacation with Macs?
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions on the Coast to Coast

    Being experts on hiking the Coast to Coast it’s unlikely that there's a question that we’ve not been asked before! We like a challenge though…so please contact us if you have any.

    In the meantime, check out our blog 'Frequently Asked Questions' which has a wealth of information and questions we’ve already answered. Top questions include:

    Q: Which itinerary should I take?

    Q: When is the best time of year to walk the C2C?

    Q: Where does it start and finish and how do I get there?

    Most Frequently Asked Questions on the Coast to Coast
  • Download our Free Coast to Coast Guide

    Curious about the Coast to Coast? This 180 mile long distance trail is impossible to disappoint as you cross the whole of Northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. But, it is hard to know where to start in the planning process.

    Macs Adventure has a variety of different itineraries to suit your personal hiking style.

    Want to know more? Download our Macs Guide to the Coast to Coast, and if you’re still up for the challenge, speak with one of our experts through an inquiry here or on the phone at (720) 487-9898.

    Download our Free Coast to Coast Guide

  • Coast to Coast

    Watch Julie and Andy as they hike across the whole of Northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea on one of England's most iconic walks - The Coast to Coast.

    They hike through three National Parks, pass some of the loveliest English villages and experience countryside crammed with natural beauty and history.

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