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How Many Days to Walk the Coast to Coast?
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16 January 2018
How Many Days to Walk the Coast to Coast?

One of the most commonly asked questions from anyone looking to do the Coast to Coast Walk,  is how many days to take the walk over? 

This blog post will give you all the information you will need to work out how many days would be right for you: Macs Adventure offer many different itineraries on the Coast to Coast, ranging from 12 to 16 days of walking. You can find out more about each of these below.

We can tailor-make these to suit your needs. Some people like to walk at a leisurely pace, whilst others are looking for something a little more challenging. Some have specific points along the walk that they would like to see in more detail and other walkers are happy to walk the standard itinerary. Whatever your needs we are here to help.

One of our customers enjoying the C2C walk last summer

12 Days Walking

The 13 nights itinerary (which includes 14 days in total including your arrival and departure days, and 12 days of actual walking), is tough and is only advisable for walkers who are looking for a challenge.  This is the original itinerary that Alfred Wainwright devised when he thought out the walk, and has an average daily distance of 16 miles. If you were to undertake this walk, I would highly advise adding a rest day along the way.

13 Days Walking

The 14 nights itinerary, with 13 days of walking, splits the long day between Rosthwaite and Patterdale with a stop in the busy village of Grasmere. It is still a challenging walk and would suit experienced long distance walkers with a high level of fitness.

14 Days Walking

Over 15 nights, this itinerary splits the walk into 14 stages with a lot of the shorter days walking at the start through the lakes where the ascents are higher. It is followed by a few longer days later on where the terrain is much easier so a good mid-level walk that still presents a good challenge.

15 Days Walking

Completing the Coast to Coast walk over one of our longer itineraries such as the 16 night option, with an average daily distance of 13 miles, will really breaks the week up nicely and allow slightly more time to explore at each stop. The day between Richmond and Ingleby Cross is long but the terrain is fairly flat. Also, the long day into Robin Hood’s Bay is shortened by having the stop in Littlebeck.

16 Days Walking

Our 17 Night itinerary is the longest itinerary we offer and breaks the walk down into easier manageable sections over 16 walking days (an 18 day trip in total including your arrival and departure days). The long day between Richmond and Ingleby Cross splits in Danby Whiske making this section more manageable. I would suggest if you are looking for a more relaxing walk with a reasonable average daily distance, then either of the last two itineraries would suit.

If you find yourself with only a week to squeeze the Coast to Coast Walk in don't worry we also offer shorter itineraries which take sections of the walk  - East section or the West section. Many of our customers will tackle only one section and then take on the other section a year later. It is safe to say that we will cater for every type of walker on the English Coast to Coast Walk, and you will find yourself spoilt for choice with itineraries on offer from Macs Adventure. So if you want to ask any questions about the Coast to Coast or any other walking tour, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists who are always happy to offer honest advice about the best itinerary for your level of fitness.  

This is an updated version of the post that first appeared in 2011.

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