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Walking Tours in Japan

Discover an authentic side of Japan on a self-guided walking tour with Macs Adventure. Walk the 11th century Kumano Kodo pilgrim’s trail through rural Japan, or the Nakasendo Trail through the central mountains to experience an array of Japanese history, culture, and cuisine. While visits to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are a must, there is nothing like getting off the train high in the mountains after a week in Tokyo and experiencing the serene, deep calm. Walking allows you to slow down, experience rural life and a more traditional side of Japan.

At Macs, we'll be happy to help you find, plan and customize your perfect walking adventure on this magnificent island nation. Take a look at our available itineraries below to start thinking about your next walking adventure in Japan.

Walking Tours in Japan

  • Whistle-stop Tour of Japan

    Laura visited Japan, taking in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and parts of the Nakasendo Trail and Kumano Kodo. This video shows you a little bit of what it is like to experience the crazy and calm side of this multi-faceted, wonderful country. 

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  • Walking the Nakasendo Trail

    The Nakasendo Trail is the old road between Tokyo and Kyoto. This video shows you what it is like to walk this glorious trail, to escape to the serenity of the mountains and walk through tiny feudal towns, experiencing rural Japan, its outstanding hospitality and its incredible beauty. 

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  • Walking the Kumano Kodo

    The Kumano Kodo is an ancient pilgrimage through the mountains south of Osaka, to the Pacific Ocean.  The route takes you through some incredibly scenic parts of rural Japan, allowing you time to walk at your own pace and drink in the natural, untouched beauty of the Japanese Countryside. 

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