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Italy's multi-faceted landscape provides an ideal backdrop to a perfect walking or biking tour. Explore picturesque villages perched on Tuscan Hills, challenge yourself on an adventure among the limestone peaks of the Dolomites or enjoy a fine wine while looking over the Mediterranean on the Amalfi Coast

Self-guided walking or biking tours in Italy are the perfect way to discover the food, wine, churches, culture and people as you wander or pedal, at your own pace, through an unmatched landscape. Take a look through our offerings and find your ideal adventure with Macs.

Walking and Biking Tours in Italy

  • Amalfi Coast Walking

    The Amalfi Coast is Italy's Riviera, where the chic go to relax, to eat and drink and those who are in the know, go to walk.  Networks of stunning paths line the cliffs and mountains of the Amalfi Coast and Laura went out to explore them and give you an overview of what it is like to walk on the Amalfi Coast. 

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  • Walking the Cinque Terre

    The Cinque Terre is a delightful part of Italy to walk through, going from UNESCO heritage village to village.  This video gives you some guidance on how to get your Park Card to ride the trains and some top tips to make sure you get every bit of enjoyment from visiting this enchanting part of Italy.  

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  • Walking the Via Francigena

    There are many great pilgrimages in Europe, the most famous of which is the Camino de Santiago.  However, there is a stunning route that goes from Canterbury in England to Rome in Italy.  Here at Macs Adventure, we can set you up to walk from the Swiss/Italian border, down to Rome and this video gives you an overview of that journey.  

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