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Sustainable travel, one step at a time

‘Sustainable travel’ and ‘Responsible travel’ are terms that are used quite a lot by companies, but what do they really mean?

We want to make sure that we walk the talk, cut through the buzzwords, and are transparent about the steps we’re taking to make a positive impact.

At Macs, we focus on four key areas where we can make a real difference. Measuring our carbon footprint, maintaining and restoring trails, becoming B Corp certified, and advocating for low impact self-guided travel.

Our Responsible Travel Promise

We understand the importance of ensuring that our adventures have a positive impact on the world around us. It's our way of continually improving how we do business, ensuring that everyone involved—our adventurers, suppliers, and our business—benefits.

What Responsible Travel Means to Us

At Macs, responsible travel is about more than ticking boxes- it's about honoring the rights, traditions, and cultures of the communities on our adventures. We believe in giving back to the places we visit, and that starts with engaging local suppliers. By doing so, we make sure our interactions with local communities are fair and mutually beneficial.

Supporting Local Economies

We prioritize local businesses and service providers, contributing to the economic growth of the regions we visit. Our commitment goes beyond words—we actively invest in local communities and support sustainable tourism initiatives by working with small B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels and luggage transfer companies because it's integral to who we are. And because they’re run by locals, they can make recommendations on where to eat and best things to see in the area, thus having a positive knock-on effect.

Discover Our Responsible Business

Curious about how we embody responsible travel? Dive into how we make a positive impact below and learn more about our commitment to being a responsible business. Your adventure with us isn't just about the destination- it's about leaving a positive mark on the places we explore together.

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