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Activity Level

Our activity level guidelines should give you a better idea of what to expect on your trip; how challenging the activity (or activities) will be. The activity level applies to the overall intensity of the trip, so some days may be a little tougher than stated and some a little bit easier.

You know your own capabilities best, so while we are all for challenging yourself, it is very important to consider your fitness and experience carefully when selecting a trip.

The activity level will help you choose the right adventure, and enjoy it in comfort and safely (while having a lot of fun). If you have any questions or concerns, we're always here to offer advice.

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Easy Walking


Short distances on low level, relatively flat paths that are well maintained and easy to follow. Perfect for those with little or no previous experience of walking trips, or those looking for a relaxing experience.

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Easy - Moderate Walking

Easy - Moderate

Some longer distances on varied terrain but mostly well-maintained trails, and/or quiet country roads and paths. Some ascent and descent but nothing too strenuous. Perfect for those with a relatively good level of fitness

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Moderate Walking


Longer distances on rugged and varied terrain with regular steep ascents and descents. Ideal for regular walkers with a good level of fitness or beginners looking for a challenge.

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Moderate - Strenuous Walking

Moderate - Strenuous

Long days with significant and consistent steep ascent and descents on varied terrain which is often rugged underfoot, requiring a good level of fitness. There may be some exposed sections that require a head for heights. Navigation could be more difficult in poor weather conditions.

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Strenuous Walking


Full days on challenging terrain, distances, ascents and descents suited for experienced walkers with a high level of fitness. Terrain is rough and could be Alpine or mountainous in nature and remote. Possibility of exposed sections and/or sections with cables/chains/ladders to aid ascent and descent, a head for heights is required. Navigation could be challenging in poor weather conditions and some trips may include higher altitudes.

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Extreme Walking


Designed for very fit hikers looking for their next challenge; a head for heights, a sure foot and experience required. Rough, mountainous terrain including narrow scree and rocky paths, light scrambling, exposure and use of cables/chains/ladders to aid ascent and descent. Navigation could be challenging in poor weather conditions. Location may be remote, with extreme temperatures, weather and high altitudes adding to the challenge.

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Easy Biking

Ideal for beginners on their first biking holiday, or those who simply wish to take it easy. There’s plenty of time to explore en route with daily distances under 20 miles. Sometimes there will be an occasional longer day, on almost completely flat or slightly rolling terrain. You will either be biking on dedicated cycle path/routes or on quiet country roads, coming onto busier town roads only to reach your accommodation.

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Easy - Moderate Biking

Easy - Moderate Grade Cycling

Perfect for occasional riders seeking to discover a region from the saddle, and comfortable riding up to 25 miles each day over a few consecutive days. Shorter daily mileages allow time to stop and take in the scenery, visit wineries, museums or stop for a long lunch before arriving at your destination. You may be biking on dedicated bike paths or quiet country roads with very occasional stretches on busier roads. Terrain will be largely easy-going but may be rolling or include 1 or 2 short steeper ascents/descents. 

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Moderate Biking

Moderate Grade Cycling

Designed for relatively fit regular cyclists seeking an active holiday. Spend much of the day in the saddle experiencing a region and discovering its variety over longer daily distances. The terrain will be varied, and usually rolling with some longer or steeper ascents/descents on quiet country roads with the occasional short stretch on busier roads through towns.

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Moderate - Strenuous Biking

Moderate - Strenuous Cycling

For regular cyclists, looking for a sense of achievement at the end of the day. Comfortable with longer distances, taking in rolling and hillier terrain with occasional steep ascents/descents and some longer ascents/descents on largely low gradients. Cycle largely on quiet country roads while being comfortable on busier stretches where necessary.

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Strenuous Biking

Strenuous Cycling

Ideal for fit cyclists who relish hill climbs and look forward to snaking descents on switchback roads. Most trips in this grade are road cycling tours for experienced riders who enjoy consecutive days of long and hilly riding with up to approximately 1000 m per day. You should have a degree of bike handling skills and be comfortable on long/steep ascents/descents. Riding is on quiet country roads wherever possible but there maybe stretches of busier roads particularly as you pass through or bike into towns or cities.

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Extreme Biking

Extreme Cycling

For the experienced, very fit road cyclist keen to test themselves, comfortable on a variety of road types and has good bike handling skills – particularly on steep ascents/descents. Excellent stamina will allow you to enjoy consecutive challenging days in the saddle. Expect alpine cols and daily ascents which could be up to 2500 m; trips in this category include ascents of the iconic Mont Ventoux and road biking in the Pyrenees on Tour de France routes.

  • Mr Peter Holloway 30/09/2020
    Accommodation of good standard and all bag drops worked well. One leg of the walk however was too long, I thought unnecessarily. Saltburn to Whitby at 20 miles is not really doable. To correct this we walked to Runswick Bay and caught x4 bus to Whitby for the night, returning by same means following morning and then walking through to Robin Hoods Bay which balanced days out well. Would have been nice if Macs had suggested this. I guess accommodation in Runswick might have been in short supply but a stop slightly earlier in Staithes might have been a better option also.
  • Anonymous 30/09/2020
    We booked our holiday at short notice. Due to Covid situation, Macs were working from home and receiving the holiday information was not as smooth as usual. We had to chase up information about the route and what would be provided with the bikes. Also, the bike hire company contacted me directly as we were travelling to our first hotel. They had not received our heights even though I had already provided this information twice. We had a chain break on holiday and Macs were very efficient at sorting that out. Royal Dunkeld Hotel is a little 'tired'. Some of the cycle route instructions were slightly confusing and it was a bit cold to bare right or left at junctions. can you change that to bear please?
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    Make sure the daily walk instructions are accurate. Audit the standards of the hotels proposed by local handler. The last hotel was very poor.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    Hilary was exceptionally helpful in my worry about the lack of maps. However the app was excellent when I had confidence to use it.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    This is the 6th self hiking trip we have booked with MacsAdventure and the service and arrangements were impeccable as usual.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    A great challenge and a wonderful experience. Meet great people along the way, comfortable B&B’s, good luggage service....what more could you ask for
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    Our first walking holiday and a great way to start. Good customer service and at the end of the phone when you need it. Will be using again as soon as lockdown over.
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    Organised the trip at short notice, provided all the information I needed, maps and guides were great. A fantastic trip with great scenery and plenty of physical challenge
  • Anonymous 29/09/2020
    What a great way to see this part of Scotland up-close. Everything worked as advertised. All our dealings with Mac's was efficient and timely. we could not fault them. Would highly recommend their service. It took all the pain out of arranging so many overnights etc.
  • Karen 28/09/2020
    All went perfectly from start to finish. They were waiting to collect our bags where and when they said they would be. Bags were always at our accommodation when we arrived. All accommodation was excellent bearing in mind we booked only one week ahead. Highlight was the Kingshouse Hotel - a real luxury after the 19 mile leg. Would certainly use again
  • Pepi 28/09/2020
    We booked our walking holiday before all this year's craziness kicked off and it all looked so very precarious for many months. We had to make some big changes quite late to make it work at all and Macs did so quickly and efficiently. Everything was seamless on arrival in Portugal. This was our second experience with Macs and I would happily go back again.
  • Anonymous 28/09/2020
    Good quality accommodation, bags collected on time every day but felt there was a lack of communication regards final payment.
  • Mr James Curry 27/09/2020
    From leaving Milngavie to finishing at Ft William everything was perfect, all the hotels an B&B’s were perfect, i would recommend Macs Adventures 👍
  • Anonymous 27/09/2020
    Excellent organisation and support. Great accommodation made for enjoyable experience.
  • Ms Jane Bennett 27/09/2020
    Macs Adventures organised our West Highland Way trip very well. It was all quite last minute because of covid 19 however all accommodation was first rate and bags transferred as promised.
  • Mr Timothy Young 27/09/2020
    The arrangements on the trip were well executed and I was impressed that the baggage porters were as reliable, efficient and friendly as could be. The accommodations were excellent. The bikes were awesome. The app for GPS route maps worked perfectly. We were not able to find the ferry tickets in our materials, and our handlers had no idea where to find them, so we ended up buying our own ferry tickets. The reservation system was less than impressive. Upfront they were urging us to get our information on file and that they pressed to get our deposit down pronto. It took several weeks for them to get back to us -- and then simply said it could not be done. Once I got back on the phone with them and explored alternatives we were able to get it booked.
  • Mr Moray Angus 26/09/2020
    A well organised trip by pleasant and efficient staff who responded quickly and positively to questions and requests. I wouldn’t hesitate to book another Macs walk.
  • Ms Anna Houston 25/09/2020
    I think it was very well planned and organised. From my point of view it went very smoothly almost all of the time! I knew where was going and how to contact the accommodation.
  • Mr Jeremy Goodyear 25/09/2020
    Easy booking process, although needed to be chased this time. Great accommodation every night along the walk. Some was excellent and the worst was good. Craig Dickson kept us well informed by e-mail of a necessary change in accommodation after we had started the walk, and then that there would be no evening meal available in the village, but that the guest house could supply. Thanks. This gave us a comfortable feeling that backup would be available in the event of a problem. Great attitude from Kingshouse Travel. Flexible in altering pick-up time at Ardtalnaig and friendly drivers. On-line trip notes work well, but if amendments are made we should receive an e-mail to alert us. Specifically, when I first received confirmation of the booking, and hence access to the trip notes, I printed them for use on the walk, noting there were no details of how we would be transported back from Ardtalnaig to Killin, but assuming we would learn this in Killin. From a chance encounter with the driver who had come to collect the bags in Callander, I learnt this would be by Kingshouse and that details should be in the trip notes. I looked again on-line and found the details were now there but they must have been added at a later date.
  • Anonymous 25/09/2020
    While the holiday overall was satisfactory, there were a few areas where our Macs Adventure fell short of our previous experience. Firstly, not sending out the paper instructions and maps which resulted in much more time, effort and cost on our part which was not reflected in any reduction of cost. We met walkers with other companies who had received the full pack and we don’t really understand why Covid was a reason for not doing this. Secondly, there were a few hiccups with the accommodation, which were dealt with at the time but were inconvenient, partic at the end of a long days walk. Overall the standard of accommodation was pretty ordinary. Thirdly, with a climb up to 2000 feet most days the walk was significantly more arduous than the promotional material had led us to expect. The detailed descriptions were okay but paths had been eroded or were quite hazardous in some places.


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