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Meeting the People Behind the Scenery - May & On-Trip Support
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09 October 2023
Meeting the People Behind the Scenery - May & On-Trip Support

We’ve pulled back the curtain so you can peek at how things work behind the scenes here at Macs HQ. Get to know some of our experts, specialists, fellow walking enthusiasts and small business owners who meticulously plan your trips, do all the logistical legwork and provide 24/7 support, so you can have a memorable, stress-free trip.

Spotlight on May, our US on-trip support expert 

This month we chatted all things on-trip support with May, one of our US Customer Experience & On-Trip Support Specialists. 

What does ‘on-trip’ support mean and what does it entail? 

On-trip support means you’re never alone. The last thing we want to do is send a traveler out on their own without the proper resources or guidance they need. We offer 24/7 support should any issues come up while on the trip, or even just to answer any questions. We’re with you every step of the way! 


Why is an on-trip team important?  

Having a dedicated on-trip team is important because it ensures we can assist quickly and efficiently. Our job during the travel season is to be there for our travelers who are out on the trails! We can focus on helping and supporting these travelers, rather than being distracted by other tasks. We pull staff from various departments – Customer Experience, Operations, and Sales, to build a knowledgeable team ready to handle anything!  


Tell us about a memorable customer interaction 

In August, I did the Highlands & Isle of Skye: Rail & Hike trip with Macs. This was my first time traveling solo internationally, and I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was beyond excited when I arrived at my first accommodation to find out all five rooms were booked by Macs Adventure customers! I loved sharing breakfast with fellow Macs travelers and getting to hear first-hand and in person what they were experiencing while on the trip. They all had several questions, and it was fun being able to answer them right there on the spot!  


What’s your favorite thing about talking to our customers on the phone day to day?  

I love being able to speak to our travelers on the phone because it helps put into perspective the impact I’m making. I’m more than happy to respond to emails, but I really get a good sense of the emotion people are feeling when speaking to them directly. I love solving a problem for someone and hearing them holler and cheer when I tell them the good news. I also find it neat to hear the background noise – cable cars, wildlife, and other travelers chatting. It makes me feel like I’m right there with them! Even though I’m sitting at a desk, it feels like I’m travelling the world every day.  


Can you tell us about a time when you turned a not-so-great situation around for a customer? 

We strive to make every trip perfect for each traveler. However, there are sometimes things that happen that are out of our control. The On Trip team enjoys taking on these challenges because we have the opportunity to turn things around. I recently had a traveler leave a ring that belonged to their grandmother on a beach in Italy. They sent in an email just to let us know in case the hotel they were staying at called us. I know how upsetting it can be to lose something of sentimental value, so I took it upon myself to find this ring. I called around to every hotel and restaurant in the area and finally found the ring at a bar on the beach. I arranged a taxi to bring the ring to the accommodation the traveler was staying at. When I called to share the good news, she was overjoyed. It’s really special being able to help people, no matter how big or small the issue is.  


How long have you worked at Macs and what do you love most about working for the company?  

I’ve worked at Macs for about a year and a half. What I love most about working here is that it’s a small enough company to still feel very genuine and real, but big enough that we have the resources to make our product and people successful. Previously, I worked for a Fortune 500 company, and while it had its pros, it was nothing compared to what I have now at Macs. I love working at a company where the founder and CEO knows my name, where I have room to grow and succeed, and where I can really make an impact on our customers.  


What’s your favorite Macs trip and why, and what’s next on your ‘bucket list’? 

I personally love our rail & hike trips. I recently did The Highlands & Isle of Skye: Rail and Hike and had the best time. I loved the freedom and flexibility this trip offered. It was easy to rearrange things to fit my needs, such as the hikes or skipping certain portions as I went. As an American, I was fascinated by the amount and quality of public transportation and thoroughly enjoyed traveling this way. Next up on my bucket list is a biking trip. I like to push myself to try new experiences so I can better help our travelers, and cycling is something I’ve not really done in my adult life. I’d love to learn more about how this differs from our walking and hiking trips so I can be better equipped when assisting our cycling customers and be able to share my knowledge. 

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