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7 Reasons to Book a Slower Adventure
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21 February 2023
7 Reasons to Book a Slower Adventure

1. Best of both worlds 

  1. The perfect balance of activity and experience. If you can't choose between a walking holiday or a city break, then don't. Our Slower Adventures tick both boxes.


2. Keen about culture 

Explore centuries-old trades and traditions handed down through generations. Lean into local history, discover signature flavors and learn what makes the place unique. 

  • Step back in time at ancient relics in Spain, Scottish castles steeped in history, crumbling monasteries in Cyprus, and atmospheric fortified villages in France.  

  • Discover local artisans and specialities. Observe the art of producing wine in Italy, sample the unique flavor of white truffles in Istria, and learn about the farm-to-table process of buffalo mozzarella in Paestum, Italy.

  • For the time you're there, why not adopt their customs? Fika, the custom of gathering to eat, drink and chat in Sweden, a long leisurely lunch like the French, or a merenda - a light snack of soft, flaky bread with ham and cheese - between 3pm and 4pm in Portugal.

  • Admire unusual and ornate architecture like the fairy tale trulli houses in Puglia, gilded Temples in Japan, medieval cities in Malta and Gozo, and baroque châteaux in France.

Paphos Archaeological site


3. Easy-going exploring  

  • Most days are spent hiking through native terrain, where you'll experience places beyond the popular routes. We're talking rural landscapes, salt-laced coastlines, gnarly vegetation and pockets of communities dotted along the route. 

  • These walks are typically shorter and more laid back than some of our other trip types, giving you time to take things at your own pace.

  • Whilst there's an itinerary, it allows wiggle room if you want to take a more leisurely approach, soak up your surroundings a little longer or enjoy an extended lunch break. 

costigliole d'asti


4. Nature at its finest 

From natural phenomena and native flora and fauna to unique landscapes and ancient formations, every country and (region) offers unique and captivating scenery waiting to be explored. 

  • Visit vibrant manicured gardens in Lake Como.

  • Explore coves, caves and beaches in Cornwall.

  • Wander through olive and lemon groves in Tuscany. 

  • Spot birds, wildlife and marine life in Orkney.

  • Discover rushing waterfalls and soaring volcanic peaks in the Azores.

  • Get front-row views of watercolor sunsets in Greece.

  • Pass glaciers and snow-tipped peaks in Switzerland.

  • Stroll through aromatic orchards and lavender fields in the French region of Provence.

Lavender field in Provence


5. A foodie affair

If you're a culinary connoisseur, or just enjoy a good meal, local flavors, traditional dishes and culinary experiences are on the menu. 

  • Indulge in a vineyard wine tasting in Barolo or Chianti, or a whiskey distillery tour in Scotland. 

  • Sample local flavors like the world's best gingerbread in the Lake District, Puglia's famous olive oil or cheese tasting in Spain. 

  • Pack local nibbles and baked goods for a picnic in nature. 

  • Unwind over long al fresco lunches on the Balearic Islands 

  • Break for a refreshing drink and a bite at a quaint café or sample tasty street food. 

  • Do a food crawl or restaurant hop. Make your way around 4 or 5 food spots you'd like to visit and order a small plate from each. It's a great way to experience local grub if time is limited.


6. Cozsy dozing 

After a day of exploring, retreat to charming, comfy and welcoming spaces for a full forty winks.  

  • Stay in hand-picked, locally run or family-owned accommodation like B&Bs, guest houses and boutique hotels. 

  • Fall into snuggly bedding and rest your head on plump pillows. 

  • Clean, tidy and friendly hospitality with a relaxing atmosphere. 

  • From sensational views and perfect locations to historic architecture and characterful décor, each accommodation offers a unique feature.

  • Some accommodations have leisure facilities and outdoor spaces to enjoy or give your feet a rest. 


7. Eco Adventures 

Responsible and sustainable travel is at the heart of our values, and we ensure these thread through every aspect of our business. We're constantly working on developing and improving these values further, but this is where we're at so far.  

  • We work with locally run businesses. From family-owned hotels to local taxi companies and restaurants, it's very rare for us to use big chains or companies on our trips, but if we do, it's because there are simply no alternatives.

  • Engage with local communities. Hiking or biking through a region puts you at the heart of communities, unlike arriving by coach for a brief wander then leaving again! And our trips encourage customers to interact with the locals. Order lunch from a village bakery, chat to locals in the pub or eat at family-run restaurants.

  • Traveling responsibly. Many of our destinations can be reached by train (for our UK and European customers) and most of our trips use local public transport.

  • Exploring beyond tourist hotspots. While some of our trips go to popular areas, we often take people to places where fewer tourists go. Many of our routes are specifically designed to venture through unknown towns and villages where you can stop at local pubs and cafes, thus creating incomes for locals. 

  • Challenge yourself and grow. Our trips immerse you in the outdoors which is massively beneficial to mental health. Some routes can be physical challenges and require prior training. And a lot of our long-distance trails and pilgrimages are opportunities for people to get out of their comfort zone or set out on a personal journey. 

Wildflower field in the Lake District


Best trips for active adventure newbies

If you're more 'relaxed ramble' than 'hardcore hike', or you're new to active vacations, our easier adventures are just the ticket. 

With a more relaxed pace on flatter routes, these trips focus on enjoying the journey and taking time to admire the views, rather than it being a mission to achieve a personal best or an endurance test. 

Check out our easier adventures


Top 5 trending Slower Adventures 


1. Trails of Tuscany 

Eat and drink your way through the golden rolling hills of Tuscany. Tuck into local, handmade delicacies on a Siena food tour, people watch in a piazza, glass of vino in hand and explore the architectural and artistic masterpieces that are Florence, Siena and Montepulciano. 

Discover the Trails of Tuscany trip 

 cypress trees in Tuscany


2. Cotswolds in Comfort 

Meader through idyllic landscapes and quintessential villages, lined with iconic limestone cottages. Stop for grub and a pint in twee, beam-clad pubs and curl up in cozy country inns and historic hotels.  

Pad the peaceful paths of the Cotswolds in Comfort 

Sheep in the Cotswolds


3. Walking Sintra to Cascais 

Journey along a pick and mix of landscapes, including honey-hued beaches and leafy wooded trails. Venture through the UNESCO-protected city of Sintra, home to the vibrant Pena Palace, the winding 9th-century Moorish Castle and the dazzling white and yellow Palacio Nacional de Sintra. 

Check out culture-crammed Walking Sintra to Cascais 



4. Walking in the Dordogne 

Say 'Bonjour' to medieval storybook villages and serene countryside. Saunter through sweet apple and walnut orchards, along the serene Dordogne River and savor flaky croissants, heavenly cheese and fine wine. 

Book a feast for the eyes and senses with Walking in the Dordogne 



5. Mallorca Coast & Mountain Trails 

Follow winding trails through mountain villages, wooded valleys, fragrant citrus groves, and along beautiful coastlines. Graze on moreish tapas, recline in boutique fincas and laze by a lapping pool. 

Whisk yourself away to Mallorca Coast and Mountains Trails 


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