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Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking Tours

Tour du Mont Blanc

  • Hike Europe's incredible, world-famous long-distance Alpine route
  • Awe-inspiring panoramic mountain views at every bend of the trail
  • Three countries in one hike; France, Italy & Switzerland
  • Savor delicious classic cuisine, from tasty cheeses to local wines
  • Stay in traditional alpine mountain huts or cozy historic hotels
  • Hassle-free hiking: all our trips include bag transfer & 24/7 phone support

Circling Western Europe's highest mountain, Mont Blanc (15,780 ft), this 100-mile alpine trail crosses through three beautiful European countries- France, Italy and Switzerland. With far-reaching landscapes, wildflower meadows, high mountain passes, and snow-covered peaks, this glorious route is the epitome of an alpine adventure. The unmatched sunsets and alpenglow are the perfect complement to the unique mountain culture of the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Not only do we have unrivaled knowledge and expertize in the area, we’ve also sent thousands of Macs customers on the TMB and refined our tours to provide the most fulfilling self-guided hiking experience. Self-guided hiking means having the freedom to explore independently at your own pace, along well-waymarked routes, with our 24/7 first-class support. The hiking days are consistently long and remote, making it a suitable accomplishment for the experienced long-distance hiker.

The option to choose between the Complete Tour du Mont Blanc in Comfort, staying in cozy hotels, and the Tour du Mont Blanc in Huts, staying in traditional mountain huts, allows hikers to choose their experience based on their preferences. Staying in the huts not only immerses you in the mountain culture but also fosters comradery with fellow hikers, adding to the overall sense of adventure and community.

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Discover Tour du Mont Blanc

  • What is the TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc?

    It's an awesome, long distance circular hike around the mountain of Mont Blanc, crossing three countries – France, Switzerland and Italy.

    We've constructed various routes to choose from. Complete the full route, which is around 100 miles or if you're short of vacation time, just the best stages.

    The highest elevation you'll reach is 8,823 ft, which is at the mountain pass ‘Grand Col Ferret’. This is on the Italy / Swiss border – so you can have your feet in both countries!

    July to mid-September is the time to travel. Outside this period snow can be problematic.

    There's a lot of ascent– in total a staggering 34,776 ft but the incredible views and experience you're rewarded with, make the journey worth it!

    What is the TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc?
  • Accommodation along the TMB trail

    HUTS - Tours In Huts

    Traditional mountain huts (refuges/rifugios) create a sense of comradery, mountain culture, and good spirits. Dining is a communal event where one pot meals served by the local hut owners are enjoyed round a long table with other travelers. This is often a highlight where memories are made. Chat with fellow trekkers, exchange stories from the previous days, and get excited about future hikes.

    The beds are set up dormitory style and are either bunk beds or raised mattresses next to each other. The dorm rooms range from sleeping 4 to 20 people and are mixed gender. The huts have shared and mixed gender restroom facilities.

    COMFORT - Tours In Comfort

    The 'In Comfort' tours offer overnight stays in historic alpine hotels nestled in iconic TMB mountain towns. We hand-pick the hotels for their location, welcoming staff members, and local cuisine.

    On some nights there are no alternatives to mountain huts. In these instances, we try to book you in a private room. These will most likely have shared restroom facilities and may not have a double bed option.

    Accommodation along the TMB trail
  • Which route do I pick on the Tour Du Mont Blanc?

    The best place to view all the tours together is in the ‘featured tours' on this page. From here you can select your tour depending on the below questions.

    • How far am I capable of hiking each day, and consistently over a number of days?


    • How much vacation time do I have available?
      • We offer 14 days / 12 days / 8 days or 5 day tours.


    • Do I want to sleep in small comfy hotels with the occasion mountain hut in a private room, or am I happy with dormitory rooms in huts?
      • Hotels with the odd night in a private room in a refuge
      • Huts in dormitories rooms


    We have several excellent blogs with further information, our favorites are: 25 Frequently Asked Questions and Top tips for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc


    Which route do I pick on the Tour Du Mont Blanc?
  • Food & Wine – Haute-Savoie traditions and classics

    Raclette - A type of cheese that's melted and eaten with potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions and cured A type of melted cheese that is enjoyed with potatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions and cured meats. Raclette is just as delicious as it is filling. Depending on the hut, the cheese will either be melted over a personal table-top grill or a massive hot iron and will coat your plate and toppings.

    Tartiflette - Reblochon cheese melted over a mixture of potatoes, onions, bacon and chives. It's the epitome of alpine comfort food—providing the perfect balance of warmth and satisfaction, especially after a long day on the trail.

    Rosti - A Swiss version of Tartiflette that includes grated fried potatoes covered in Gruyére cheese and topped with ham and often a fried egg. Mushrooms are also often added, traditionally foraged from the surrounding hills.

    Beers - If you enjoy a drink, be sure to look out for Bierre Leman and Veyrat - two local beers that are often served in the area.

    Wine - There's a French belief that wine expresses the characteristics of the area it's grown in. If you enjoy wine, we absolutely recommend you taste the local varieties along the way!

    Génépi - A local liqueur often enjoyed after dinner, Génépi tends to be an acquired taste with a sweet herbal chamomile and absinthe flavor. We encourage anyone with adventurous palates to try this!


    Food & Wine – Haute-Savoie traditions and classics
  • Luggage / Baggage Transfers on the Tour du Mont Blanc

    Great news - Luggage transfer is included as standard. This means you are able to enjoy the hiking with just your essentials in your daypack.

    Our responsible and friendly baggage handlers will take you main suitcase/luggage to your next overnight destination. As they move hundreds of bags each day, they can only accommodate one 33lbs bag, per person.

    The Bonatti Refuge and Lac Blanc Refuge are incredible alpine mountain huts that you may stay in during your trip. Due to their remote location, they are inaccessible by road. Therefore, you will need to carry your overnight items on these days if you are booked in Bonatti or Lac Blanc, but no stress, you will be reunited with your main bag the following day!

    Availability dependent, the 'complete' TMB tours will have an overnight at Refugio Bonatti, and the 'complete in huts' will have nights in both Bonatti and Lac Blanc.

    Luggage / Baggage Transfers on the Tour du Mont Blanc

  • Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

    Macs Adventure has been running self-guided hiking adventures on the Tour du Mont Blanc since 2010.

    Follow Bill and Malin on their TMB journey! 

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