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Weather Conditions on the Tour du Mont Blanc
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19 January 2018
Weather Conditions on the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most exhilarating walks in Europe. It is a challenging walk that reveals Alpine splendor every step of the way, but it has a notoriously short season. There is basically one reason for this: Snow! Weather is one of the most frequently asked questions about the tour, so we aim to give you all the tools to ensure you have no worries about the Tour du Mont Blanc weather before you go.

Tour du Mont Blanc Season

The walking season for the Tour du Mont Blanc is from June to September every year. Most other long distance hikes base their season on when the weather starts to get a bit worse, and the accommodations begin to close down. The Tour du Mont Blanc is different. All eyes are on the trail come June to see when the paths are cleared of snow, enough for hikers to get out there and walk. Mid-June is the most accurate start date anyone can give and similarly, the first couple of weeks in September is when it is likely to close down.  It is recommended to book your trip well within these dates to guarantee the route will be open and to avoid any poor underfoot conditions.

Alpine Mountains Mont Blanc

There will always be snow on the peaks, just hopefully not on the path!

Tour du Mont Blanc Weather

Before heading off on the Tour du Mont Blanc, keeping your eye on the weather is vital, particularly if you are travelling in June or September.  There are some fantastic, accurate weather sites:

In general, the weather while you are walking on the route should be warm and dry. However, there will be the occasional days of rain, so always pack appropriately. You can read our blog post on what to pack for the TMB for more information.

Tour du Mont Blanc Webcams

The best way to check exactly what is happening on the ground before you go is to take a look.  The TMB has a wealth of Webcams so you can see up to date images of where you will be walking and see for your self how glorious/not so glorious the weather is. The best set of webcams are on the official Tour du Mont Blanc Website. Underfoot conditions There is an underfoot condition which the French call Neve. This is snow which has been through the freeze/thaw cycle and is therefore incredibly slippy. It is recommended to take it slowly and trust your judgement if you come to any patches of neve. Walking poles help with the crossing too, adding stability.

Hiker on the tour du mont blanc

Always pack for all weathers. Even when it is sunny, it can be cold and vice versa

Sun Cream

It is recommended to always wear sun cream on this trip. Even when the sun is not apparent in the sky, the UV rays are still penetrating the clouds, and you can still feel the effects of the sun on your skin.

Using Local Judgement

As far as the weather goes, it is always a great idea to listen to what the locals are saying.  If they think the wind is too high on a particular section, heed their advice. Nobody knows this area like the people who live there.


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