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Places to Visit in the Southwest
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03 May 2021
Places to Visit in the Southwest

The southwest is an adventure lover’s paradise stretching across the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, parts of California and Colorado. It could arguably be described as the most beautiful region of the US. The dramatic landscape of red-rock canyons, hoodoos and desert are otherworldly and over a third of our national parks are in this region. There’s just so much to explore! We’ve tried to narrow down a list of places to visit in the southwest below.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

We couldn’t have a list of places to visit in the southwest without include the Grand Canyon in Arizona. One mile deep and 227 long the Grand Canyon probably doesn’t need much introduction. Stand at the south rim and take in the incredible views and you’ll soon understand why it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. For a more immersive experience hike into the Grand Canyon and learn about the geology and history of the area.

Death Valley

Death Valley National Park in California is one of the largest in the US and it’s also one of the hottest places in the world! The highest temperature ever recorded was 134°F in Death Valley in July 1913. While it might not sound tempting for a visit, fall and spring can be surprising appealing. Thanks to the range in elevations, you’ll find a diverse range of wildlife form roadrunners to lizards and over 1,000 species of plants. There are some amazing hikes with expansive vistas across Death Valley such as Golden Canyon – Gower Gulch Loop. Or catch the sunset in Badwater Basin—at 282 feet below sea level, it’s the lowest point in North America and the vertical drop is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon.

Zion Narrows

Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Utah is best known for the Zion Narrows, one of the most famous hikes in the world. The Narrows is, as the name suggests, a narrow gorge, 15.5miles long, carved out by the Virgin river. Surrounded by soaring canyon walls up to 2,000 feet tall, waterfalls, and hanging gardens, although challenging it’s worth the hike.

Bryce Canyon National Park

If you’re visiting Zion, you should visit Bryce Canyon too, they are close by to each other in Utah (50 miles). Bryce Canyon National Park has the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. Soak up the views of these unique rock formations as they loom overhead from the Fairland Loop trail.  

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