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Why Provence is a walker’s paradise
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03 November 2020
Why Provence is a walker’s paradise

Town-to-town walking was a new concept to me prior to starting at Macs. My idea of adventuring had always been of a more mountainous nature. The Classic Provence town-to-town walking experience was a refreshing change of perspective for what travelling adventurously could mean.  

The Luberon

To drive in between the quaint hilltop towns, it would take you 15-20 minutes, yet that thought doesn’t even cross your mind when your focus is human power. This 20-square mile Luberon region of Provence feels vast when your only form of transportation for the week is your own two feet, it was remarkable.     Enjoying fantastic views and blue skies!    

Tranquil scenery

People we met at our B&Bs were impressed and shocked that we were walking as long as we were every day yet, it never felt long because the scenery constantly changed, from lush rolling vineyards to orchards, ancient Roman ruins to castles. And then once we’d left our cosy guesthouses, we surprisingly met barely anyone on the trail. Every day we’d see a few locals out for a jog or morning walk, but for the most part, we had the trails to ourselves. Since we were guiding ourselves and the walking was very gentle, there was plenty of time for picture taking, seeing sites and stopping to admire the beauty. Gentle, yet long enough that we felt we earned our daily rosé afterwards.  Admiring the tranquil scenery

Well way-marked

Not knowing much about the trails, I was delighted to find out Provence has an expansive trail system - that I later learned has 1,900 miles of trails! The trails were marked by yellow stripes and clearly marked with a yellow “x” should you be heading the wrong way. So, whether or not you are a seasoned walker with navigation skills, it was never hard to find the proper route and it’s not something you need to think critically about.  The route was very well way-marked

Local's Perspective

Although cycling is also a great of a way to get a real local’s view, I’d make the case that walking gives you the true authentic experience. Since you are not confined to roads, forest trails that connect through people’s farms and backyards really made us feel that we were getting a genuine peak into Provençal daily life.  


Oh! And the lunch picnics were not to beat. I’m still dreaming about the 1baguettes from the Boulangerie baked fresh that morning, local fruit and goat’s cheese made down the road.   A baguette, goats cheese and fruit, perfect picnic plan![/caption]   If you are looking for a unique outdoor adventure that comes with delicious food, fabulous wine, beautiful scenery, quiet trails, ancient history, you will get more than you bargained for choosing Provence.    For more information on this fantastic adventure, get in touch with one of our specialists at   

Minna Harshbarger

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