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Hadrian's Wall - West to East Hiking Tours

Hadrian's Wall - West to East

  • The Hadrian's Wall, an area of AONB and a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Walk west to east with the prevailing Atlantic winds behind you
  • Revel in the wild and beautiful landscapes of Northumberland National Park
  • Enjoy cozy pubs and welcoming B&B's along the route
  • Discover the Roman Forts of Segedunum, Chesters and Housesteads
  • Walltown Crags, the most scenic spot to view Hadrian's Wall
  • Take a photo at the iconic Sycamore Gap - the most photographed tree in Britain!

Immerse yourself in history with a walking tour on Hadrian’s Wall Path in northern England. This fascinating trail travels from coast to coast alongside one of Britain’s iconic landmarks and through picturesque English countryside. Or if you're short on time take in the best sections of the iconic Hadrian's wall on the Best of Hadrian's Wall Path as featured in the Telegraph.

Hadrian’s Wall is Europe’s largest surviving Roman monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designated as a National Trail in the UK, Hadrian’s Wall Path has become one of Britain’s most popular long-distance walks and offers hikers a rare glimpse into the past. 

At Macs Adventure, we’re excited to choose the perfect itinerary for you on the Hadrian’s Wall Path. We have been arranging Hadrian's Wall adventures for our customers since 2005 and know the route inside-out, and have great relationships with all of our accommodations and baggage couriers, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. Take a look through our itineraries below, or alternatively, if you’d like to explore Hadrian’s Wall on two wheels, check out Hadrian’s Cycleway.

The below itineraries are for those looking to walk the Hadrian's Wall Path from west to east. If you are looking to walk it in the opposite direction then please visit our east-to-west collection.

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Discover Hadrian's Wall - West to East

  • In what direction should you walk the Hadrian’s Wall Path?

    You can hike in either direction, but it can often be a bit of a hot topic amongst the Brits (who love this route!)

    East to West – Most Popular

    • The Romans built the wall from east to west - you can follow the same path that the Roman soldiers did when they constructed it almost 2000 years ago!

    • There are some great museums in Newcastle that give a wonderful context to the history and culture before you hike.

    • Connections are notoriously easier from the airport/train station upon arrival in the city of Newcastle.

    • Some say it is more enjoyable to hike out of the city and into the fresh air of the countryside rather than the other way around.

    West to East

    • The prevailing winds in Northern England generally blow from the Atlantic (West to East). You will have the wind at your back for most of the journey, making hiking a bit easier.

    • The terrain is less steep! Enjoy a slightly easier adventure for those who would like more mild terrain.
    In what direction should you walk the Hadrian’s Wall Path?
  • Why book your Hadrian's Wall trip with Macs Adventure?

    Since the Hadrian’s Wall Path opened as a National Trail in 2003, Macs has been arranging self-guided hiking itineraries in the area.

    Depending on how many miles you wish to hike each day, Macs Adventure offers different lengths of itineraries ranging from the Best of Hadrian’s Wall, to the more leisurely and complete 10 day version.

    You stay in comfortable, cozy accommodations in local B&Bs and guesthouses. We’ll take care of your luggage transport and you have access to 24/7 support should you need it, so you can spend your time enjoying the hiking and history!

    Why book your Hadrian's Wall trip with Macs Adventure?
  • Four Wall Facts!

    How long is it and when was it built? This 73-mile-long wall was constructed in 112 AD, designed by Emperor Hadrian to separate the Roman Empire from the norther Barbarians. In its glory, the wall boasted 15 feet high and 10 feet wide!

    Who actually built it? It took 15,000 men over 6 years to build the wall. Led by three Roman garrisons stationed in England and Wales, the troop were put to work constructing the wall. Hadrian himself had a keen interest in architecture, and is thought to have dreamt up the idea for the wall. Stone tablets sit at Chesters, where you can see the carved names of the centurions who actually built it.

    How much of the wall still exists? Only about 10% of the original wall still stands today. While much of the land is still shaped to accommodate the wall, the stone itself has been repurposed or buried after the wall was abandoned. Many of the local buildings are even said to be built from the re-purposed stone from the wall!

    Is this the border between Scotland and England? No. Actually, it marked the border of the Roman Empire! Most of Northumberland, one of England’s largest counties, is north of the wall.

    Four Wall Facts!
  • Top Tips for Hadrian's Wall Path

    Add an extra day: This will give you more time to explore the museums on the route, or just take a rest day! A great location for this is Once Brewed, where you can explore Housesteads Roman Fort. Check out this blog for more info! The 6 Best historical Sites on Hadrian's Wall Walk

    Preserve the History and Practice Leave No Trace: Being so old, the wall is fragile and it is prohibited to climb or walk on the wall itself. While you walk, take note of the lumps and bumps in the road and avoid them! They may be hiding archaeological goodies underneath that could be easily damaged.Taking care of Hadrian's Wall: Protecting the wall

    Look after your feet!: Ensure you have comfortable, waterproof footwear and a few pairs of great hiking socks. Consider hiking poles if you think you may want them, and bring a day backpack with all your essentials! What to Pack for Walking Hadrian's Wall Path

    Choose the right itinerary: If you don’t have 10 days to explore, consider our other choices with fewer walking days that takes you on the ‘best of’ tracks! To speak with one of our experts, inquire here or give us a call at +1-844-899-2009

    Top Tips for Hadrian's Wall Path
  • Download our Free Hadrian's Wall Path Guide

    This iconic UK National Trail is steeped in history. You follow in the footsteps of the Romans on this hike across the whole of Northern England alongside this ancient monument strewn with ruined forts.

    Curious to know more? Download our Macs Guide to the Hadrian’s Wall Path and if that’s still not enough, or you’d like to speak one of our experts you can inquire here or give us a call at +1-844-899-2009

    Download our Free Hadrian's Wall Path Guide

  • Hadrian's Wall Path: Walk a Roman Frontier

    Follow this couple as they hike alongside the famous UNESCO World Heritage Hadrian's Wall. Built by the Romans in AD 122.

    The hiking days comprise of endless panoramic views over wild moors, wildflowers in pretty woodland and exploring the archaeology, and your evenings are spent in quaint English villages at cozy B&B’s before a pint at the local pub.

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