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Which Itinerary Should I Choose on Hadrian's Wall Path?
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10 August 2020
Which Itinerary Should I Choose on Hadrian's Wall Path?

One of the most commonly asked questions from anyone looking to walk the Hadrian's Wall Path, is how long they should take to walk it?  This blog post will give you all the information you will need to work out how many days would be right for you:

We want to make this wonderful trip as accessible or challenging as we can so that everyone can experience its joys, outstanding scenery and historical sites. We offer many different itineraries on Hadrian's Wall and we can tailor-make these to suit your needs.  Some people have specific points along the walk that they would like to see in more detail, want to spend extra nights along the route or even don't have time to fit in the whole route and just want to experience the best parts.

Well, we have all that covered and you can read on and find out which Hadrian's Wall Path itinerary suits you best

The standard itinerary - 7 Days Walking

This is the standard itinerary and our most popular trip on Hadrian's Wall Path.  The walking days are between 9 and 15 miles, well spaced out and easy enough for anyone that is used to long-distance back-to-back walking.  From here we have several variations on this itinerary.

Go tougher

If you want to make the route a bit more challenging we can definitely accommodate you.  We have two tougher itineraries, a 6, 5 and even a 4 day walk.  The 4 day is for experts only. It is a serious trek of over 20 miles per day, which over the tough terrain of the path, is definitely recommended for experienced hikers only.  Slightly easier is the 5 day, which brings the average walking day to around 16 miles, but still there are a couple of tough days in there. The 6 day is a nice challenge, good for those who want to step it up a bit from the standard itinerary, but still want time to spend at some of the historical sites.


Walkers by Hadrian's Wall

Take it easier

If you don't feel you have the fitness, or you simply want to spend more time meandering along the route, drinking it all in, then we can accommodate that too.  We have an 8-day walk, where the longest day is 15 miles and several are under 10.  We can also offer a 9-day walk, meaning that your first day is 15 miles and then after that, you have some lovely, easier walking days.

Take in the Highlights

And if none of those floats your boat, we have some itineraries that take in the highlights of the route too.  We have 3,4 or 5-day walking trips that cover the central part of the route, walking alongside the best-preserved parts of the wall and all with relaxed walking days of 7-12 miles, these trips make for an excellent, immersive way to engage in the history of the area.

Our team of specialists are here to help you plan your adventure, contact us for advice & inspiration.

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