Food, Wine, and Gourmet

Food, Wine, and Gourmet

  • Sample traditional Pintxos in the Basque country
  • Terroir: Fully appreciate wines in their environment
  • Indulge in Maine's famous lobster rolls
  • Support farm-to-plate traditions in local communities
  • Savour Swiss cheeses like Gruyère

Sampling the local food and drink is one of the most memorable and defining parts of any travel experience. So much of culture is entangled around the eating and drinking experience, from the curious traditions, to the day to day way of life.

Visit San Sebastian, the world's greatest city for foodies, on Spain's Camino del Norte. Indulge in fried clams, lobster rolls, and wild blueberry pie while biking in Maine, or experience Californian wines under the sun which ripened and nurtured its fruit.

A walking or biking tour is the ideal way to explore opportunities for farm-to-table (or sea-to-table) feasting, stock up your packed lunch from the village bakery, and to gleefully enjoy the rewards of a day of appetite-building activity!

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