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Self Guided Walking Tours in France

Explore and experience France on foot on a self-guided walking tour. Our range of walking tours in France include some of the most famous long distance trail challenges, such as the Tour du Mont Blanc or the GR20, and also wonderfully relaxing walking tours in Provence, the Dordogne, and the Loire Valley.

From mountain villages to crystal clear coastal waters, there is a corner of France to suit every taste, and don't forget to round off your trip with a glass of France's most famous export from your region's vineyards. Bon vacances!

A group of hikers walking the coast in Brittany, France with the turquoise sea stretching out in front of them

All Walking in France

Hiker on the Tour Du Mont Blanc with glorious alpine peaks in the background

Tour du Mont Blanc

Lavender fields stretch into the distance in Provence, France

Walking in Provence

Towering stronghold of Beynac in Dordogne, France

Walking in Dordogne

Pink Granite Boulders on Brittany Coastline

Walking in Brittany

Bottles of Burgundy wine sit on a wine barrel in a cellar in Burgundy, France

Walking in Burgundy

Hiker looks over a lake high in the French Pyrenees mountains

Walking in the Pyrenees

Château de Chenonceau reflected in the river in Loire, France

Walking in the Loire

Female hiker pauses while walking in the Alps to take in the view

Walking in the Alps

The Valentré Bridge of Cahors spans the river in Cahors, France

Camino Le Puy Way

A French hiker looks out over the sea on a coastal walk in Corsica, France

Walking in Corsica

Red grapes in a Bordeaux vineyard, with medieval building in the background

Bordeaux and South West France

Walking adventures in France

Walking tours in France are the ideal way to experience the sophisticated culture and joie de vivre of the French Republic. Our walks in France are spread all over the country, from sampling rural France at its best, hiking in Dordogne or trekking in the Alps on the classic walk Tour du Mont Blanc. There is no better way to experience fine French food and wine than walking in Burgundy while exploring Provence on foot is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the relaxed pace of French life. 

The French Capital of Paris with views of the Eiffel Tower 

Regional France

The French capital Paris offers a gateway for many of our walking tours in France. Romantic Paris, the City of Love, is a great city to explore for a few days before your walking adventure begins. Sip wine in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, gaze at the vast art collections of the Louvre Museum or visit Sacre Cour, Montmartre, Jardin de Luxembourg and Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful Gothic Cathedrals in the world.

France is much more than Paris itself. Each French region has its own character, and tours in France can offer anything you want on an active vacation. The country changed its regional structure in 2016, and mainland France now consists of 13 metropolitan regions (plus 5 overseas territories), which are divided into smaller départements. Each French region has a proud and unique heritage, offering tourists a variety of experiences, from Alps to Riviera, from the beaches of Normandy to the vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux. A walking tour in France is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of each of these regions.    

The South of France, often known just as ‘Le Midi’, stretches from Nice and Cannes to Provence and Languedoc, and with the southern parts of Rhone-Alpes. Southern France is synonymous with stylish French culture on the Cote d’Azur and the French Riviera, which plays host to the Cannes Film Festival, chic Mediterranean beaches and the playground of the rich and famous in Monaco. Surrounding this glitz and glamour is the uniquely French region of Provence, famed for its cuisine, lavender fields and relaxed way of life. We have a multitude of walking tours in Provence to help you explore this region at your own pace. 

The Coastal Sovereign City State of Monaco

The Dordogne region lies in South West France and is roughly equivalent to the former region of Perigord, which the French often still call this gem. Dordogne, with its administrative centre of Périgueux, is a delight, offering the keen hiker and tour maker beautiful vistas with hilltop chateaux, woodland forests and prehistoric caves. It represents the very best of rural France and walking through the Dordogne countryside lets you discover the unspoilt, medieval cities and postcard-perfect rural landscapes.

Brittany represents the strong Gallic side of France. Brittany, or Bretagne in French, is a popular destination for British and American tourists, located in the French northwest, just across the English Channel from the UK. The standing stones at Carnac, Perros-Guirec with its pink granite, the stunning city of Vannes and amazing beaches are all compounded by the vibrant Breton culture. Neighbouring Normandy, another hugely popular tourist destination, is the proud owner of the unmistakable town of Mont Saint Michel. This incredible Romanesque town is one of the great icons of France, and many tourists flock here to see the unique sight of the French city on the water.

Mont St Michel in Normandy, a medieval town surrounded by water

There are many classic walking tours in France, and several cross between regions, giving you a full and varied experience of French landscapes and culture. The famous Stevenson’s Trail takes you through Auvergne and Languedoc-Roussillon following the famous journey that Scottish author and the man behind ‘Treasure Island’, Robert Louis Stevenson set out on in 1878. For the spiritual walker, the French Camino, Camino Le Puy joins up with the famous Camino de Santiago but starts in the heart of France. This incredible journey crosses through historic landscapes in France to meet the Camino at the Spanish border. 

Mountain Regions in France

Hiking the French Alps is a dream for many. The natural beauty of the Alps is almost indescribable, and France has some of the best mountain tour destinations available.  

Towering Alpine mountains over a green valley

Taking a walking tour in the Alps is by far the best way to discover the area, and on our self-guided walks, you can explore at your own pace. Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the world’s great walks, and a tour we can strongly recommend. Challenging and rewarding hikes, fantastic food and drink, sleeping in huts jotted along the scenic trails that traverse France, Switzerland and Italy – the TMB is a hiking tour dream come true. There are many variations available, and this classic alpine walking trip is not the only way to discover the French Alps and the mountains of France on foot.  

We hold regular Webinars about the Tour du Mont Blanc if you are looking for more information on this classic French walking tour. We also have a downloadable white paper full of information on the Tour du Mont Blanc.

The Pyrenees are found on the French/Spanish border, and these remarkable mountains are also renowned for being a brilliant walking destination. There are many ways to explore the Pyrenees, and we can help you discover the beauty of these massifs on foot. Hiking the Camino le Puy will see you walk into the Pyrenees to mark the end of this epic walking trail. 

If you would like to discover which walking tour in France would be perfect for you, don't hesitate to contact one of our French specialists to find out more. 



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