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Finding your Maps & Trip Information

Your maps and all other trip information can be now be found found in your online account account by logging in on our website, or in our app. The app is the best place to see everything you'll need on your trip, including your daily maps for walking or biking routes.

Your online account:

  • Sign in or register for your account here. Make sure you use the same email address you used when you booked your trip, and everything will be there for you.

The app:

  • The Macs Adventure app is a simple way to see everything you need, and find your way on your trip! It can be used to navigate even when you have no cell data or connection.

  • Prepare for your Macs Adventure

    Here we answer your most asked questions on the Macs Adventure pre-trip team. From joining our Facebook Community to using our app to accessing your trip information.

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