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A Guide to Maine: Vacationland
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15 December 2020
A Guide to Maine: Vacationland

Besides lobster, Maine has many other highlights that might not initially come to mind from lighthouses and dramatic coastline to moose and blueberries!

What to do & see in Maine

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Enjoying the outdoors is a top focus in Maine. Acadia National Park welcomes millions of visitors every year to hike its numerous trails and cycle Cadillac Mountain for endless beautiful views. Many of the carriage roads and trail systems in the park were funded by John D. Rockefeller Jr between 1915-1933.

Bar Harbor, the gateway to Acadia offers a multitude of things to do outside the park as well. You can go kayaking along the coast and even have the chance of seeing whales during the summer.

The rocky coastline offers pristine, quiet beaches nestled beside historic, quaint towns, such as Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. Old Orchard Beach is not to be missed, especially with the family! It’s the only remaining beach-side amusement park on a beach in New England.

If you are looking for a challenge, you can head to Baxter State Park where you can hike Maine’s tallest mountain, Mt. Katahdin. This is the ending point of the famed long distance hike, the Appalachian Trail so if you get lucky you can see someone finishing their trek!

Of the 67 lighthouses in Maine, the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is definitely not to be missed. Commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1827, this iconic ‘Light’ sit atop a unique rocky coast perfect for a picnic or photo op.

Wherever you are in Maine, eating is a priority! You can find locally sourced, fresh seafood everywhere you look. The seaside, order-at-the-counter, eat at the picnic table, clam & lobster shacks

Not to be missed, the cities of Maine offer an incredible food, drink, and art scene. Why not incorporate a stay in Portland to explore Old Port on either end of your adventure? You can also enjoy a ferry ride to visit the beautiful Casco Bay Islands just off the coast. 

Best Time to visit

Maine’s seasons are all beautiful in different ways, so your timing depends on what you are looking for! In late May and early June, the lush, green spring provides a great opportunity for bird-watching and solitude, as you’ll be hitting the coast before the crowds. However, the weather can be cooler (mid-50s-60s) and wetter at this time of year. July and August bring the highest temperatures (in the 70s), driest weather, and tend to be busier with tourists from out-of-state. September and October offer excellent cycling weather with cool, crisp days (again mid-50s-60s); if you are hoping to experience New England’s famous fall foliage, book in advance as this time of year fills up quickly (particularly the weekends). 

How to get there (domestic travel)?

There are a few different ways to conveniently get to Maine. If you are heading to Portland, you can fly directly to Portland International Airport or you can fly to Boston and either rent a car or take the Amtrak train (drive, 2 hours; train, 2.5 hours).

If you are heading to Kennebunkport, the above applies but the driving and train distances are just slightly shorter.

How to get around once you are there

The most convenient way to get around Maine is going to be a rental car, if you are not on a point to point walking or cycling tour.

How many days do you need?

More than the days you have J. You can explore Maine endlessly and will always find excuses to go back for a return visit. On average, 1-1.5 weeks can afford you a lovely adventure with a diverse mix of must-see highlights.

Where to eat in Maine?

 Maine has incredible food and not just lobster, head over to our Maine food guide to find out more.

Fun Facts

  • Maine has 3,478 miles of coastline – that is more than California!
  • Highest Mountain - Katahdin at 5,268 ft. elevation
  • State Animal is the Moose - Maine has more Moose per mile than any other state, over 75,000 moose, second only to Alaska.
  • There are 67 lighthouses in Maine
  • Approximately 40 million pounds of lobster are harvested each year off the coast of Maine, about 90% of the supply in the U.S.
  • Geographically, Maine is bigger than the other five New England States combined.
  • 90% of the toothpick supply in the U.S. comes from Maine
  • Maine is the only U.S. state with one syllable
  • Freeport is the home to the L.L. Bean Company, the first retail clothier to be open 24/7/365, founded in 1912.


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