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A Guide to Summiting Snowdon
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24 February 2021
A Guide to Summiting Snowdon

Is Climbing Snowdon Difficult?

If you have a good level of fitness and come prepared with perhaps some training a few weeks before, Snowdon can definitely be summitted! As Wales' highest peak climbing Snowdon is often on a hiker's bucket list. Standing at 1085m it is certainly not a walk in the park, but it is so worth it, for the both the views and the feeling of achievement.

Which Paths Can You Take?

There are 6 different paths up Snowdon; Miner's, Llanberis, Pyg, Crib Goch, Watkin, South Ridge and Rhyd Ddu. On the Macs Adventure tour we have you walking up the Pyg Track and down the Llanberis Path. The Pyg Track is not the easiest, but not the hardest either, so when walking up Snowdon on this track be prepared for rugged terrain. It is however the shortest route up which in terms of elevation gain is quite challenging. The Llanberis track down is probably the easiest as the elevation loss is less challenging because it is over a longer stretch.

Make Sure the Conditions are Safe

Make sure, before you set off, that the conditions are safe. Check the weather reports but specifically the Snowdon Mountain Weather Report for that day as the the weather on the top can be vastly different to the conditions at the bottom. DO NOT choose to walk up Snowdon if the weather is seriously bad or the conditions are unsafe and do not be afraid of changing your plans in poor weather or turning back if it becomes too much.

Wear the right gear

Make sure you are wearing non-cotton trousers and tops as cotton is a big no-no if they become wet, as they become heavy and will not dry easily either. Make sure you take an insulated jacket too that will keep you warm at the top. You will need a decent waterproof jacket, trousers and hiking boots. Take plenty of water (20-35L) and make sure that your boots are worn in and that this is not the first time that you are wearing them. A hat and gloves are essential plus, a first aid kit, torch, whistle and compass.

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