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Written by
Iain Douglas
Iain Douglas

Brittany's Top 5 Sweet Treats

In Brittany, the theme is the sweeter, the better! 

1. Crepes – The Breton staple. The number of Crêpe restaurants in some villages is astonishing. These delicious thin pancakes can be eaten on their own or filled with Nutella, fruit, or served with the more traditional serving of lemon and sugar.

2. Salted butter caramel sweets. I know, I know, salted caramel is everywhere these days but not like this, it's not! Fleur de Sel, one of the most expensive salts globally, is used to season dishes for a tasty added crunch. Brittany is also famous for its salted butter, using another quality salt, Guerande. This region was exempt from the salt tax in the past, so salted butter is such a big thing here. So combine the salted butter with the finishing touch of Fleur de Sel salt, and you are bound to have the most indulgent salted butter caramel you have ever tasted!

3. If that's not indulgent enough, then this will be. Try a slice of the heavenly Fondant Baulois. This decadent chocolate dessert has a meringue-like crust, and the fondant has the hint of salted caramel. It even claims to be better than a brownie, which is bold! I'll leave you to find out for yourself if this is true! Interestingly, it has a red seal on it to show it's an authentic product made by its creators:

4. The Kouign-amann may have you fooled as being just another croissant-type pastry, but that is not the case! The quality of the salted butter is key to an authentic Kouihn-amann, and these simple-looking desserts can be hard to master. Named after the Breton words for cake (Kouign) and butter (Amann) and pronounced 'queen-a-mahn,' these buttery delights are fit for royalty! The sweet, salty, buttery, and flaky combination results in an irresistible taste that melts in the mouth!


5. Ok, so I haven't yet finished talking about crepes. It's said that in 1886 crepe maker Marie-Catherine Cornic accidentally left a crepe cooking too long in the pan. Thinking it looked too good to waste, she rolled it up and ate it, discovering it was lighter and crispier than she had ever tasted. As a result, she had created what is now known as the Crepe Dentelle (or the Gavotte as it is folded eight times in tribute to the traditional Breton dance in eight-time.) These flaky, buttery cookies can also be chocolate flavored, or of course, there is also a salted version! Who'd have guessed!

So who should visit Brittany? Anyone worth their salt, of course! 

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