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E-Biking - Allowing Everyone To Experience The Joy of Biking
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15 September 2017
E-Biking - Allowing Everyone To Experience The Joy of Biking

Lake Constance is a German summer paradise where crystal clear blue water and white lakeside beaches meet vineyards, medieval villages, and breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps in the far distance. With dedicated and mainly flat cycle paths stretching all around the lake, there is no wonder why this region is so trendy amongst all types of cyclists - road bikers, leisure cyclists, families, and... e-bikers.

Easy-Going made Easier

E-Bike vs Normal Bike

Pictured is my mother's e-bike beside my traditional bike. Growing up in an active Swedish family, my mother frowned and gave me a rather unimpressed look when I told her I had booked an e-bike for our upcoming cycling holiday to Lake Constance. With a loving smile yet a firm tone, I stressed that an e-bike is anything but cheating and that it would simply give her some extra assistance in the odd case of hills to tackle or if the wind would decide to pick up. Also, she wouldn't even have to turn the battery on if she didn't want to! My mother didn't look perfectly convinced but finally decided to take my word for it and muttered that 'at least she would be able to keep up with me if I was flying ahead'. Ironically enough, I was the one wishing I had upgraded to an e-bike as we hit a tiring headwind on a hot afternoon. But, on the other hand, my mother was happily overtaking me with encouraging words and a rather smug smile as I fought the wind that was pushing me backward. Afterward, I was looking for where the bed was, and my mother announced that her legs were fresh and she wanted to go and grab a beer at a local cafe!

Arrive at your hotel with the energy to explore and make the most out of your Vacation!

Explore the towns after your day's cycling is done

The use of e-bikes is almost becoming the norm in the cycling world. It's great to see how these bikes are slowly but steadily getting rid of their undeserved reputation of not offering a 'proper' cycling experience. The pedal-assist e-bikes, with its motor that boosts the power created from pedaling, have managed to fill the gap between cyclists of different abilities, making cycling fun and accessible to a much wider audience. These bikes allow us to enjoy the same trips based on our individual cycling experience and fitness level. The use of e-bikes opens up a whole new world of traveling opportunities and fascinating destinations, in many cases. Still, the determining factor makes us leave the car behind and jump in the saddle to embark on an active adventure on two wheels. What is there not to like!? It is safe to say that my mother will never frown again next time an e-bike passes her by!  

Emma Strandberg

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Emma Strandberg
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