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The Great Ocean…Walk or Road?
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20 February 2021
The Great Ocean…Walk or Road?

What's the difference between The Great Ocean Road and the Great Ocean Walk?

You have heard of the Great Ocean Road? If you have visited Australia, dreamt about visiting or just seen pictures, you are sure to know about the route or at least seen the breath taking Twelve Apostles. This stunning route is located just 90 minutes from the bustling city of Melbourne.

What you may not know is that you can also walk the route instead of driving. The road option is 400km/294miles from Torquay to Nelson and the walking route is 100km/52miles from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles. You may not realize there is a more rewarding way to see the coastline and The Great Ocean Walk takes you to places you can't get to by road. 

Need for Speed?

I know what you are thinking…driving is much quicker than walking. You would be right, but we all know the story about the hare and the tortoise.

When walking there is no need to argue over who will do the driving. Everyone gets the opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings. Maybe even a glass of wine over lunch if you want to take your picnic up a level!

 Great Ocean Walk

Off Road

You cannot take your car along a beach and over sand dunes, through a forest or stop to watch lazy koalas sleeping in the trees.

Walking will give you the opportunity to explore some of the most stunning beaches, without the restriction of where you can find a spot to park the car. You can explore routes that drivers (and passengers) will not even know are there. With different walking routes available each day you can customise exactly what you want to see each day. You can walk to Rainbow Falls, the only waterfall on the route. On a sunny day, the light creates a beautiful rainbow, the reason for its name.


If you are an animal lover like me, one of the highlights of being in Australia is the wildlife. Driving the route, you may be able to spot the odd koala but when you are walking you can take things at you own pace. If that means sitting for half an hour enjoying a snack and observing just how lazy they really are, then walking really is for you.

The route also passes through a wet sclerophyll forest. Here you will see Blue Gums, Blackwood wattles and Mountain Ash trees. As you explore enjoy the sounds of various songbirds and you may even spot a wallaby or two.

For more ideas and information about walking tours in Australia, visit our website for our current tour collection.

Sarah Smith

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