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Top reasons to bike in Mallorca
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13 October 2021
Top reasons to bike in Mallorca

Oh-so-smooth roads: The tarmac on almost all roads on the island appears to have been laid and smoothed out like royal icing to suit the many thousands of cyclists that head to Mallorca for a holiday.

Courteous drivers: Roadside signposts inform drivers of a 1.5m rule when overtaking cyclists. Amazingly, most drivers uphold this safety guidance and give riders plenty of room. As a result, it's often possible to cycle two abreast or in large groups without causing drivers to become annoyed or beep their car horns.

Great climate: April and May or September and October are ideal for a sunny and mild cycling holiday. There is an excellent chance of enjoying day after day of fair weather. Mallorca can be very hot in June, July, and August, but thanks to the cooling breeze created by pedaling, the summer months are also well worth considering for your cycling holiday.

Good value for money: Eating out in bars, cafes, and restaurants is generally cheaper than in the UK. Food and drink bought in supermarkets are also very affordable, especially if you seek out local produce, such as olives, fruit, and veg.

Beautiful scenery: The landscape of Mallorca looks like a combination between southern France and Spain. In late April, when I visited, the north of the island was a feast for the eyes with large fields of barley mixed with pretty poppies, roadsides edged by blankets of colorful wildflowers, thriving olive groves, fledgling vineyards, blossoming trees, and a stunning coast of sandy beaches and turquoise seas.

Cycling for all: Whether it's long, flat roads, epic mountain climbs, and every kind of terrain in between, there is a route to suit all types of riders.

Camaraderie: If you have ever enjoyed the atmosphere of a cycling sportive, Mallorca is similar but on a far larger scale. There are many other cyclists wherever you ride, and the atmosphere is upbeat and cycling friendly. If you want to ride fast, simply jump on the back of a peloton of riders as it flies past you. If you're going to ride slower, watch in awe as the faster riders whoosh past you.

Cosmopolitan: Mallorca attracts cyclists from all over Europe, which means you can enjoy chatting with like-minded holidaymakers from many different countries and even practice your languages!

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