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Where and what to eat in Dingle
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12 November 2020
Where and what to eat in Dingle

Bia maith” or “good food” is what you are guaranteed to find when visiting Dingle town which was recognised as the ‘Foodie Town of Ireland’. Starting your day off with a hearty and energising Full Irish Breakfast is a given, but it does not stop there!

Fancy a treat?

Check out Murphy’s, which is ice cream made with fresh milk from the rare Kerry cow, locally sources free-range eggs and organic sugar. Murphy’s takes pride in their natural ice cream, without colourings, flavourings, or powdered milk. A visit to the shop makes for a refreshing treat!

Need an idea for a packed lunch?

Bácús is an artisan micro-bakery crafting both Irish and European bread in the traditional method using only the finest flour. The bread is finished by hand and baked in stone-floored ovens for the best result. The product is made without the use of processing aids or artificial additives, resulting in a natural bread that is perfect for a picnic lunch!

Would you like to raise a glass?

Whether it is whiskey, gin or vodka, the Dingle Distillery has you covered! The distillery opened its door in 2012 and uses three distinctive, hand-crafted copper pots to create an ultimate Irish whiskey. There are only two gins made in Ireland, and one of these is the artisan Dingle Original Gin that is produced here. When it comes to vodka, it is distilled five times for an incredible pure taste – as pure as the environment where it is made!

Looking for a scrumptious dinner?

The Dingle Peninsula official website lists some local restaurants and there are a few things that you should try while walking the Dingle Way. Due to the remote nature of the area, there has always been a strong focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Here are some of the things you should try; freshly caught seafood, locally produced charcuterie (including salami, chorizo and rashers), smoked fish, grass-fed beef, mountain-reared lamb, handmade artisan cheese, locally produced meat pudding and sausages – all cooked to perfection.

.... and when you have finished your meal, head out to enjoy some traditional live music sessions in Dingle town. A fantastic way to meet the locals, stretch the tired legs and sample a 'pint of the black stuff'. Most sessions are spontaneous with both local and visiting musicians joining in with uplifting tunes.

What are you waiting for? Dingle town is ready when you are! Check our Dingle Way itineraries and please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Specialists.

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