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5 Reasons to walk the Dales Way
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07 September 2020
5 Reasons to walk the Dales Way

I have lived in Scotland for a few years now, but I have never had the chance to explore the English countryside until now. With a fresh pair of eyes (and legs?), this 80-mile-long walk was a great challenge for me who have never been on a walking trip before! The Dales Way is easy to moderate, not strenuous and doesn't require to be a great navigator. Macs App comes very handy and is amazing support during the entire trip. Although some distances are quite challenging, you will be rewarded each day by spending the night in wonderful accommodations (with super comfy beds)! You could also tailor-made your trip with one of our UK specialists if you rather like walking shorter distances.

Stepping stones on the Dales Way


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