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First Time Walking & Biking Tours

First Time Walking & Biking Tours

  • Feel the benefits of exploring the world the active way
  • Enjoy a more authentic experience of your chosen destination
  • Build your confidence with an easier activity grade
  • Try a single centre trail for flexibility of how much you walk or cycle
  • Savour the sense of achievement of taking on a trail

These trips are perfect first time walking holidays or cycling holidays for anyone hoping to discover a new way to travel.

From easier grades, to single centre trips for maximum flexibility, these suggestions are all a great first-time option. Walking or cycling is the best way to get up close and personal with a new destination, enjoy authentic interactions with local people, appreciate the landscapes at your own pace, and feel a true sense of achievement. Most options are self guided (with our full planning and support), but we have included a bike & boat option, which is a perfect way to enjoy an adventure with your crew & fellow travelers at your side.

We promise, once you've traveled the active way, you won't look back!

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