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Zermatt & The Matterhorn Walking Holidays

Zermatt and the Matterhorn

  • Soak in the impressive views of the Matterhorn from the alpine town, Zermatt
  • Unforgettable train journey on the world-famous Glacier Express
  • Cross 11 famous mountain passes on the epic Walker's Haute Route
  • Mountain villages along the trails, packed full of charm and traditional alpine feel
  • Dip crusty farmers' bread into a bubbling pot of fondue, a favourite local dish
  • Take on the Comba d’ Oren and Theoduls glacier crossings on the Tour of the Matterhorn

Be amazed by the sheer beauty of Zermatt, its traditional 'Swiss village' feel, and Matterhorn views are enough to ensure your camera is poised at all times. Traverse imposing snow-clad mountain ranges, skirt the shores of vast lakes and pass through rolling Alpine wildflower meadows. Finish your day relaxing on a sunny terrace, enjoying the view of the most distinctive mountain in the world. What could get better than this?

With its untouched nature, plentiful wildlife and 38 peaks over 4,000m, the area around Zermatt and the Matterhorn is made for walking. There is a trip for all abilities in the region. Hike along some of the most spectacular trails and catch a ride with the Glacier Express, one of Europe's most beautiful train journeys on our Glacier Express Rail and Hike. If you are up for the challenge, take on one of Europe's classic hikes, the Tour of the Matterhorn or the Walkers Haute Route. Each has been meticulously crafted to ensure you have the best possible experience in the region.

Macs Adventure has been helping walkers explore the home of the Toblerone mountain since 2008. We are dedicated to making sure you walk the finest Swiss trails and experience traditional alpine life packed full of charm. We provide you with memorable accommodations, insider tips and excellent route information so that you only have to think about putting one foot in front of the another. 

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Discover Zermatt and the Matterhorn

  • About Zermatt

    Zermatt is located at the foot of the 'Toblerone mountain', the Matterhorn. It is at the centre of an enormous hiking and ski region, making it one of the world's most attractive outdoor destinations in Europe. Over 400 kilometres of hiking trails cross the Matter Valley, including historic mule traders' trails, which date back to the 13th century. The region is also infamous for skiing, which can even be done in the summer. 

    The region is legendary amongst mountaineers: the Haute Route, a challenging international route that takes several days to complete, leads from Mont Blanc to Zermatt, which you can choose to complete in one go, or you can break it up over two stages if time does not permit to walk the whole trail.

    Discover the glacier paradise, as Zermatt is home to Europe's most prominent and highest lying summer skiing region if you are tempted to give your legs a break from walking and want to buckle up some skis for a day of summer skiing.

    About Zermatt
  • Local Cuisine


    A traditional all-in-one pasta, potato and cheese dish that originates from the German part of Switzerland. The classic version is made by layering cooked potatoes and macaroni with cream and cheese, before baking it in the oven. People usually serve it with fried onion rings and a stewed apple sauce on top. The dish sometimes comes with bacon, too. Whatever ingredients you include, though, Älplermakkaronen is a seriously hearty meal that warms you up a treat.


    Fondue in Switzerland may seem clichéd, but it is indelibly woven into the country’s fabric. It is a must-have for any local or visitor to the country from autumn to spring. Dunk rustic country bread into melted cheeses, infused with lashings of wine and garlic, bubbling over an open flame. Pair yours with white wine and chase it with schnapps or tea for an epic meal.


    Thinly grated potatoes, pan-fried until crisp and golden, rosti is one of Switzerland’s iconic national dishes. Served steaming in a ceramic dish, Rosti Valaisanne is a delightfully addictive mash-up of rosti topped with salty bacon, fried egg, and melted raclette cheese, served alongside tangy gherkins and pickled pearl onions.


    Raclette is a local cheese customarily grilled slowly over a fire, with layer-by-melted-layer sliced off to blanket boiled potatoes, pickles and onions. Contemporary raclette machines make grilling commonplace in Swiss homes, where friends gather for hours, waiting for slices of raclette to melt, while drinking copious glasses of local Fendant wine.

    Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

    Zurich-style diced veal is an iconic national dish that makes a hearty lunch. Made of sliced veal, calves’ kidneys and sweetbreads sautéed in a gravy of onions, butter, white wine, cream, and mushrooms. The mixture of cream laced with wine over veal, Zurcher geschnetzeltes as it’s known in Swiss-German dialect, is a delight.

    Local Cuisine
  • Why Choose Macs Adventure to book your Walking Holiday in Switzerland?

    Macs Adventure has been running self-guided walking holidays in Swizterland since 2008Whether you like mountains and hills, lakes, rivers and glaciers, dreamy villages and well preserved medieval cities, Switzerland has something to offer for everyone. This abundance of wonderful places to explore lead us to seek out more and more areas where we could help people to discover Switzerland on foot. 

    From humble beginnings, we now send over 2000 walkers to Switzerland every year, each walking the route that excites them the most. We provide the freedom to choose your route, itinerary and travel companions and discover Switzerland at your own pace. 

    We know how daunting it can be, setting off on an adventure of this scale and we quickly realised how important it was to have amazing partners on the ground in Switzerland to deal with any issues that you might come across.  We are proud to say that we work incredibly closely with all our accommodation suppliers and luggage transfer teams and should you have the slightest issue, they will fall over themselves to help you out. 

    We offer a flexible, tailor-made hiking experience that gets you in comfortable, friendly overnight accommodation in local B&Bs and guesthouses. We carry your bags to lighten your load so you can concentrate on simply putting one foot in front of the other and enjoying the unique culture, food and scenery of Switzerland. No hostels, no leaky tents, no heavy bags on your back just a straightforward active holiday that you can book with confidence that we have it all covered for you. 

    We want to showcase our expertise, by giving you all the resources you will ever need.  In the planning stage, we have free guides, comprehensive videos and a host of staff with their own Swiss experiences, waiting to answer your questions. On the route, we use high-quality digital mapping as well as the best maps and guidebooks to make sure you find your way.  

    We love the diversity of walking in Switzerland and our main aim is to make sure that you do too.  

    Why Choose Macs Adventure to book your Walking Holiday in Switzerland?

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