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Walking Tours in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset & Somerset

Cornwall, Devon & Dorset

  • Discover the diverse and beautiful south west corner of England
  • Explore Tintagel and its mystical connections to King Arthur and Merlin
  • Stay in colourful Cornish fishing villages and harbour towns
  • Embrace the wide open skies, wooded valleys, and the stark beauty of Dartmoor
  • Visit the historic and picture postcard hilltop town of Shaftesbury
  • Walk in the chalk downs of Cranborne Chase, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

From the vibrant crystal clear waters of St Ives to the fascinating Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall’s magical coastline is full of unique wonders for walkers to discover. Follow trails along the region’s rugged cliffs and golden beaches and learn about its rich history, dating back to the legend of King Arthur. After your walk, don’t forget to stop off for a traditional cream tea - a pot of tea with scones, strawberry jam and some delicious, locally made clotted cream!

Gateway to the English Riviera, Devon, is full of hidden coves and vibrant seaside towns to explore. It is also home to Dartmoor National Park, where you can admire the rugged beauty of the Devonshire moors and discover a range of Neolithic hidden gems.

If you're interested in exploring this region further with a South West Coast Path tour, please click here.

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Discover Cornwall, Devon & Dorset

  • Some Cornish food for thought!

    One thing is sure - you will not go hungry whilst walking in Cornwall! Home to some of the finest seafood and with an abundance of fresh local produce, Cornwall is a great place to explore for any food-lovers! Here are some of the regional delights you can expect to find;

    The famous Cornish Pasty - great fuel for any walker, this treat is made with short crust pastry and traditionally filled with diced potato, swede, onion, diced or minced beef. Tradition dictates for them to be a proper pasty they must have 20 crimps (the little design on the side).

    Cornish cream tea - perfect as a treat in the middle of the afternoon (or any time really!) the Cream Tea consists of fruit scones served with clotted cream and jam, accompanied by a fresh pot of tea. Interestingly, in Devon cream tea's are also very popular but there they serve them with the cream on the bottom and jam on the top, whereas in Cornwall it is the other way round! 

    Saffron Cake - a delicious fruit bun made with the most expensive spice in the world, saffron! Apparently saffron arrived in Cornwall when Phoenician traders arrived to trade it for tin from the mines.

    Rick Stein's Padstow - the famous Seafood Restaurant owned by Rick Stein is a Cornwall institution, in operation since 1975. They serve the freshest fish and shellfish and your experience here is sure to be a memorable one - just make sure you book in advance!

    Cornish Yarg - for cheese-lovers, you'll be right at home in Cornwall where there are over 60 varieties produced. The Yarg is one of the most famous, which is a hard cheese made from cow's milk and a rind made from nettle. 

    Stargazy Pie - originating in the tiny village of Mousehole, this unique pie combines eggs, potatoes and pilchards. What makes it so striking is the fact that the pilchards are left sticking out of the pastry on top - or stargazing as such! 

    Some Cornish food for thought!
  • The Wildlife of Dartmoor National Park

    The vast, open landscapes of Dartmoor National Park are home to some very diverse wildlife including some rare plants and animals. Here are some of the sights you can look forward to spotting on a walk through here!

    Blue Ground Beetle - one of the rarest beetles in the UK, it has a unique metallic blue colouring. 

    The Wood Warbler - this migrant bird lives in the woodlands of Dartmoor, which can be classed as temperate rainforests due to their mild climate and high rainfall. 

    Otters - these very cute little mammals thrive in Dartmoor due to the abundance of rivers where they feed on spawning frogs.

    Common lizard - large numbers of these live in the ground vegetation across the moors

    The Cuckoo - these migratory birds come to lay their eggs in Dartmoor between April and August and as you enjoy your walk during these months you may hear their unique call. 

    The Wildlife of Dartmoor National Park
  • The Jurassic Coast - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    This stretch of coastline, which begins in Exmoor in Devon and continues for 95 miles to the Old Harry Rocks in Dorset, is England's only natural World Heritage Site. Its incredible geology is the reason it was given this status. The rocks, fossils and landforms of this area span three geologic time periods - the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretataceous. 

    Here are some of the  geological highlights of this unique part of Dorset;

    Charmouth Beach - fossils which have eroded from the cliffs are found in abundance on this large shingle beach close to Lyme Regis. 

    West Bay and Chesil Beach - this is where you will see golden crumbling cliffs which reveal falling sea levels from 175 million years ago. Chesil Beach at the bottom came from massive landslides after the last ice age around 20,000 years ago.

    Durdle Door - probably one of Dorset's most photographed landmarks, this is a giant natural sea-arch, formed from limestone. 

    Kimmeridge Bay - this bay is internationally recognised for its impressive geology with the Kimmeridge Clay formed of fossil-rich mudstones. 

    Old Harry Rocks - impressive white chalk formations which stand like pinnacles in the sea at the end of the Jurassic Coast. Thousands of years ago, The Old Harry Rocks were actually linked to The Needles (another chalk rock formation) on the Isle of Wight by a line of chalk hills that eroded away during the last ice age.

    The Jurassic Coast - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • South West Coast Path, Adventure Your Way

    Join us on a walk from St Ives to Penzance on the South West Coast Path. This remote and exhilarating walk along the clifftops visits the bustling towns, golden sands and secluded coves of Cornwall.

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  • Walking the South West Coast Path

    The South West Path stretches around the south-west peninsula of England, exposing dramatic coastal scenery as the walk unfolds.  The route is split into several delightful sections as walking the entire route at once would be rather time-consuming.  This video gives you an overview of the route and how best to tackle it.  

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