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Biking Tours with E-Bikes

Biking Tours with E-Bikes

  • Enjoy a relaxed biking vacation with an e-bike upgrade
  • E-Bike journeys are perfect for first-timers or mixed-ability groups
  • Drift down the quiet country lanes of France’s iconic wine regions
  • Roll through the serene picture-postcard villages of the Cotswolds
  • Slow down and connect with the locals as you e-bike Ireland’s wild coastline
  • Live like a Sicilian and stop off for authentic espresso and cannoli

Do you enjoy the wonders of getting off the beaten track on two wheels but worry about the length of time in the saddle? Do you want to arrive at your destination with the energy to explore and make the most out of your holiday? Or do you want to slow down and do things at a more relaxing pace - spending your days gazing at the sights instead of focusing on how many miles you have left? Then opting for an e-bike is for you.

An e-bike upgrade is a perfect way to enhance a self-guided biking tour with Macs Adventure. They make the easy-going effortless as you cruise along the dedicated bike paths of the Danube or Loire Valley. Moreover, they make our moderately graded tours accessible to all - so what are you waiting for? Ride the rolling hills of Tuscany with ease. Discover the Scottish Highlands on the Great Glen Cycleway in confidence. Or channel your inner Chris Froome and climb the famous Hartside Pass on England's Sea to Sea Cycle Route.

By no means "cheating," e-bikes are now recognized as the "great equalizer" in biking. You will still pedal the miles, but the electric rechargeable battery is there to give you a boost when you need it. They are an excellent tool for helping you feel confident on longer days or steeper sections. Furthermore, e-bikes are actually just great fun to ride! That extra zip of pedal power almost takes you back to the excitement of riding your bike as a kid again!

It's now possible to upgrade to an e-bike on almost all our self-guided biking tours.

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Discover Biking Tours with E-Bikes

  • Top 5 reasons to go on an E-Biking Vacation with Macs

    1. Have fun! With an e-bike, it is simply about enjoying your vacation your way. So use the power boost as much or as little as you like to get the most out of your trip. 

    2. Bike WITH your friends or partner. Are you tired of constantly chasing your biking buddy's tail? Glide beside them with less effort while managing to enjoy your ride and your vacation rather than worry about having to keep up. Make those memories together, not apart.

    3. Feel fresh in the evenings. Fancy going on a biking vacation but don't want to be worn out when you reach your destination? Arrive each afternoon at your hotel with the energy to explore and make the most out of your vacation!

    4. Pick your trip without limits. Choose the tour you want without limiting yourself to one with the number of hills you could usually manage on a classic hybrid or road bike.

    5. Wellbeing. Being in nature and moving each day is hugely beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. With e-biking, you can choose how much effort you put in to ensure you don't have to work flat out while still getting your legs moving. E-biking is a more relaxed take on a biking vacation where you can set the pace. After all, it's not only the battery on the e-bike that has to re-charge once in a while.

    Top 5 reasons to go on an E-Biking Vacation with Macs

  • How an Electric Bike Works

    Join Fran on a self-guided e-biking holiday in Greece as she tries riding an e-bike for the first time. The e-bike is a wonderful way to enjoy our biking trips without as much of the effort required on a self-powered bike. Need that little extra boost on a hill? No problem! Just press a button and it will give you exactly that as it makes cycling that little bit easier. Watch our video and learn the basics alongside Fran.

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