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9 Reasons for a Spring Tour in Provence
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16 November 2023
9 Reasons for a Spring Tour in Provence

Provence, in southern France, offers a delightful escape for walkers in springtime. Here are nine reasons to visit Provence in spring.

For sunshine

There are definite seasons in the south of France with warmer weather and sunshine arriving in spring before the hot days of summer. After a long winter, it’s a huge delight to head off to a place where the sun will shine warmer and longer each day.

For blossom


Spring is the perfect time to witness the Provence covered with creamy drifts of almond blossom and, in the villages, the blossoms of cherry and soft fruit trees.

For delicious scents

Lavender is a big attraction of Provence but spring is a little early for this highly scented purple flower. Instead, you can enjoy the aromas of coastal garrigue (moor or scrubland) in spring. These grasslands are rich with the scents of rosemary, wild thyme and Mediterranean pine.

For wild flowers


The bright colors of purple-pink centranthus, yellow broom and red poppies that line country roads, fields and coasts are a sight to behold and in spring you can see them before the heat of the more intense summer sun takes them away.

Magical markets

Provençal markets are amazing all year round but in spring visitors are treated to the local regional delights of artichokes and asparagus, abounding in many colours and varieties.

Warm weather walking

The summer can be too hot for walking but in spring the climate and temperature is arguably at its best. The popular routes will also be a lot less crowded before the tourist season properly heats up. Choose a walking holiday in Provence.

Dining alfresco

Cafes open their doors once again in spring and it’s a great time for sitting at a street table to sip coffee and eat croissants or for evening dining (you might need to wear a warm jacket for outdoor dining in spring).

Spring festivals

Summer boasts many festivals in Provence, but spring is also the time to visit some lesser-known events such as an egg festival, a strawberry festival and local carnivals and fetes. 

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