Best time to Visit Ireland?
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09 March 2019
Best time to Visit Ireland?

Timing a trip to Ireland is relatively easy as the typical visiting season is quite long! Though you will find a variety of climates through the seasons, the weather patterns coming from the Atlantic Ocean keep the temperatures balanced and mild from the spring through the fall. While we cannot guarantee clear skies and great weather for the whole trip, there certainly are trends that make some months better for visiting than others.


Blue skies on the Antrim Glens and Causeway Coast


Peak Season - Summer


Technically, peak season for Ireland is in July and August. This is when the local population usually takes their domestic vacations, and the highest number of international visitors join in on the fun. The cultural and scenic highlights will attract crowds and the accommodations will be full, which creates a lively buzz throughout most regions of Ireland. This is a great time to escape on a walking trip into the countryside when the towns might be busy with crowds. Furthermore, this is when the countryside shines its best with vibrant, dramatic colors, and when the towns and cities host the majority of the year’s festivals and events.


Rugged coastline on Ireland's Dingle Bay




Late March and April see the temperatures begin to rise & the days get longer, and the visitor season begins to wake up for the year. May and early June are great – some say the best months to visit Ireland. It might be because of the warm weather and lush, green countryside. Though there will be fewer crowds than the summer, the opportune weather and rich green colors will draw international visitors and hikers to share the country with. Towards the end of June, when Irish schools begin their summer break, the season blends into “summer.”


Purple heather on a trail in the Wicklow Mountains




While spring and summer months boasts lush countryside and the exciting and bustling towns create a great atmosphere, the month of September slips under the radar as one of the ideal times to visit Ireland. The crowds have moved on, yet the days are still long and warm. The famous green colors of the hills begin to pick up a purple hue as the heather hits its stride. Travel characterized by these highlights is lovely until around mid-October, at which point the days and temperatures drop and the countryside loses its typical beauty.


Off Season


Travelling from late October through early March is possible, though travellers are generally met with mediocre weather, limited open accommodations, and very short days. While we do not recommend making your trip during these times, you will certainly have some of the main attractions and popular city streets to yourselves!


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