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Winter Hiking Vacations

Experience the Solitude of Winter Hiking with Macs Adventure

While we do not offer winter hiking in cold climates, there are a few destinations that our tours are available for from December through February. Your best bet to escape the winter weather and embrace sun-soaked landscapes is to visit a place in the southern hemisphere, like New Zealand.

Explore our full selection of captivating winter hiking vacations where you can experience the beauty of nature year-round while enjoying invigorating outdoor activities. 


Top Winter Hiking Vacations


  1. New Zealand - Witness majestic mountains and pristine lakes, lush forests and scenic coastline.
  2. Spain - Discover Spain's rich culture and charming coastal villages.
  3. Malta & Gozo - Experience historic sites, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coastal landscapes.
  4. Portugal - Hike through golden beaches and historic cities to lush vineyards and picturesque coastal villages.
  5. Japan - Wander vibrant cities, tranquil gardens, and terraced rice fields.

Why Choose Macs Adventure for Your Winter Hiking Vacation?


✔ No Groups or Guides

Have the freedom to travel with the people you want, at your own pace without the pressure of a group of strangers.

✔ Expert Guides

Our experienced local team is ready to plan and enhance your winter hiking experience.

✔ Flexible Booking

Enjoy the flexibility of adding an extra night at the start and end of your trip and making any last-minute changes.

✔ Authentic Experiences

Immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine with our hand-picked accommodations, dining options and sightseeing suggestions.

✔ Luggage Transfers

We arrange convenient luggage transfers from one accommodation to the next, so you can explore with just a day pack. 


Types of Winter Hiking Vacations Macs Offers


Winter Hiking Adventures

Embark on thrilling winter hikes through forest and coastal trails where the weather’s warmer.

In Style Winter Hiking

Indulge in top-rated accommodations and cozy retreats where service is impeccable.

Slower Adventures

Take a leisurely pace and immerse yourself in the tranquility of quieter trails.

Classic Routes

Follow iconic winter hiking routes and discover hidden gems along the way.

Hiking Pilgrimages

Experience spiritual journeys and connect with nature in winter solitude.

Discovery Winter Hiking

Explore off-the-beaten-path destinations and uncover the beauty of the unfolding landscapes..


Winter Hiking Vacations FAQs


What gear do I need for winter hiking?

While we don’t offer winter hikes in colder destinations, if you’re planning your own snowy winter hiking adventure, essential gear includes insulated boots, waterproof clothing, thermal layers, gloves, a hat, trekking poles, and a good quality backpack. 

If you’re heading for some winter sun with us, then we recommend layers, sunglasses, SPF, trekking poles and a good quality backpack.

Are winter hiking vacations suitable for beginners?

Yes, winter hiking vacations are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced hikers.

How do I stay safe while hiking in winter conditions?

Staying safe involves wearing appropriate gear, staying hydrated, knowing your route, being aware of weather conditions, and making the most of the easy navigation functionality in our app.

What should I expect on a winter hiking vacation?

We don’t offer trips to colder climates during the winter month as routes in these destinations close due to weather conditions making them less safe. We recommend heading to warmer destinations like those in New Zealand or the Mediterranean. While their forecasts are cooler, they’re still warmer than the likes of Iceland or Switzerland!  As these months are technically ‘off-season’ they’re typically quieter. So you can expect to experience serene landscapes while hiking in mild temperatures.

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