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Walking Tours in Malta and Gozo

Malta & Gozo

  • Take an island-hopping adventure on Malta, Gozo and Comino
  • Visit Valletta’s Baroque capital and the medieval walled city of Mdina
  • Follow trails to golden salt-pans, past vineyards and Comino’s Blue Lagoon
  • Learn about the Ggantija Temples, over 5,000 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Walk past Chadwick Lakes, British-built reservoirs, with bamboo, willows & wildflowers
  • Enjoy the fascinating mix of culture and history on these hidden Mediterranean islands 

Find a less-traveled side of the Mediterranean Sea on a walking tour in Malta and Gozo with Macs Adventure. This sun-soaked archipelago of islands just south of Sicily includes Malta, Comino and Gozo. Each island is bursting with regional culture and history that's waiting to be explored.

From Malta's honey-colored stone architecture to the famed Blue Lagoon on Comino and the prehistoric temples, or Ggantija, on Gozo, these islands are nothing short of spectacular. Take a tour of all three islands to experience all that this magical region has to offer. Take a look through our itinerary below to begin planning your next adventure!

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