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My top 5 reasons to go walking in the Channel Islands
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03 November 2020
My top 5 reasons to go walking in the Channel Islands

When I set off to check and re-write our route notes for our island-hopping Channel Islands tour I have to confess that I didn't really know what to expect! I had always liked the idea of visiting there (the sunny weather being the main reason!) but when one of my close friends moved there a few years ago and never came back I was a bit puzzled as to why. I stand corrected! The Channel Islands are a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of mainland UK and let you delve into an idyllic island lifestyle, and I now completely understand the reasons why my friend never returned - and why I want to get back there as soon as possible with my family! 

Here are the top 5 reasons my trip was so enjoyable!

The slower pace of life - whether it was getting on the tiny plane (well not tiny, but much smaller than i'm used to!), the honesty boxes which line the paths and you are trusted in which to  leave your money, or the fact that when I went over to Sark I had the delight of escaping the sound of any cars for a day, it felt that life moves at a much slower, more enjoyable pace in the islands! 

A tractor sitting on a country lane

No cars will ruin your peace and quiet on Sark!

Easy to follow routes - whether you are following the well-maintained coastal paths or the Jersey Green Lanes in the interior, it is very, very  hard to get lost whilst walking in the Channel Islands. On the coastal paths, keep the sea on one side and you can't go wrong! And on the interior routes, just pay close attention at intersections to our detailed route notes and you won't get lost - but to be honest, even if you did miss a turn, you would never really be truly lost.

Clear signposts lead the way

A blend of French and olde-world British charm - At times I felt like I was in some sunny part of France - Provence or the Dordogne maybe - as I walked along quiet country lanes with French names, and through orchards surrounded by butterflies and the sound of crickets. And then at others as I checked into a regal seaside hotel, I experienced that British charm of a classic seaside town. I'd be feasting on quintessentially British fruit loaf one day, followed by freshly-caught lobster in a french-style bistro the next! This blend is truly intoxicating!

Variety is the spice of life - being fairly compact in size and easy to travel between, you get to experience a huge variety of contrasting landscapes in a very short space of time. From scented woodlands, to wildflower meadows, to exhilarating clifftop paths, the Channel Islands offer huge variety and are perfect for exploring on foot. 

The rocky Greve de Lecq Beach

Beautiful Greve de Lecq Beach

Beautiful beaches - if like me, you love to kick off your walking boots and enjoy some chill time at the end of a walk (or even in the middle of), the Channel Islands have plenty of beautiful beaches where you can do just that. For me, Dixcart Bay on the island of Sark was a favourite as it just appeared out of no-where and seemed so hidden from the rest of the world - it was beautiful! - but there are plenty of others including St Brelade's Bay, Greve de Lecq Beach, St Ouen's Bay and Plemont Beach. 

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