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6 Reasons to Choose a Pilgrimage
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18 October 2023
6 Reasons to Choose a Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage is one of those journeys where you can truly find yourself. Travelers often embark on a pilgrimage or Camino as a way to step away from the comfort blanket of their day-to-day, to challenge themselves, or as an opportunity for self-discovery.  
Often taken as a solo trip for contemplation or to be fully immersed in nature and the surroundings, but you’re never really alone. ‘The Camino provides’ is a common phrase heard along the routes which is defined by the comradery, generosity and kindness of fellow pilgrims you’ll likely meet along the way. If you like the sound of joining the Camino community or taking on a peaceful pilgrimage, here are a few more reasons why these inspiring adventures should be on your list... 


A Meaningful Journey 

Whether you’re in it for the challenge or just to see more of a region, you’ll come away feeling fulfilled and like you’ve discovered more about yourself. Some people take on pilgrimages to feel connected with the centuries-old history that’s embedded in the trails. Others hike the routes to challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone or to just take a break from day-to-day life. Others embark on a mission of self-discovery, to seek personal growth or for spiritual reasons. Regardless of your reason, we design your trip to accommodate you. 

Strangers Today, Friends Tomorrow 

Camino routes come with an unspoken bond. Where you’re automatically enrolled into a wider community where everyone naturally looks after each other. You may come across others like yourself who are embarking on these journeys with modern gear like clothing with cooling technologies or hiking boots with added comfort and support. Or you may meet traditional Pilgrims who travel with canvas bags, wear sandals and stay in albergues – traditional pilgrim lodgings that are shared spaces with basic amenities – a true insight into how original pilgrims made the journey. 

Our pilgrimage routes have a huge sense of community and comradery – something our customers always say is a highlight for them. You may meet fellow pilgrims along the way who you can exchange stories of your adventure, share travel tips and new discoveries with. You might bump into like-minded adventurers several times along your journey, or it could be a fleeting yet memorable encounter as you socialize over a classic pilgrimage meal - a communal experience where pilgrims of all walks of life join together, socialize and create friendships. These acquaintances can be travel buddies just for a day or become future friends. 


Solo Traveler-Approved 

Pilgrimages are particularly popular amongst solo travelers, although often traveled with a friend too. The routes are well waymarked and because of the huge community along these routes, pilgrimages are a great option to boost your confidence and independence if you’re looking to start your solo travel journey.  

These trails provide a headspace where you can be with your own thoughts, if you want, or you can join others you meet en route if you do want some company. Even when you’re walking alone, you never really feel alone. 

Huge Accomplishment 

Parts of these paths can be both physically and mentally challenging, and if you’re hiking without a travel companion to spur you on, there are times when you may not see another soul for hours at a time. Your determination may waver, and commitment tested. It's in these moments when you have to dig deep and push yourself beyond your limits to really discover what you’re made of and what you can accomplish. 

Our top tip is to remember why you’re doing this route in the first place and regularly remind yourself of this. It’ll keep your morale boosted and encourage you to keep going - you’re not a quitter! We promise, when you reach the finish line, you’ll get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride in what you’ve achieved. And don’t be surprised if get a taste of it and return home feeling ready for the next one!


Up Close with Local Communities 

These trails are a holistic approach that reflects the true place and the array of cultures. Meet friendly locals, try local wines and sample regional classics. Wander through remote and rural communities dotted with churches and symbolic sites - where tourists are a rare sight. 


We Support Every Step of the Way 

Have all the route info and maps in the palm of your hand with our pre-departure packs and app. No internet connection needed, just make sure to download them to your phone before your trip. And we’re here for you 24/7 just in case you need us. 

Our Facebook community – filled with fellow Macs adventurers and pilgrims - is a great source of support, tips and advice too, both before and during your journey. 

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