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The Attraction of Travel – What Draws us into the Adventure?
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12 March 2024
The Attraction of Travel – What Draws us into the Adventure?

Why do we travel? Why do we spend time, energy, and money to visit a place we’re completely unfamiliar with? What is it about travel that attracts the vagabonds, the wanderers, the artists, the retirees, the recent graduates, the corporate workers…what connects all of us? Is it because we want to have experiences in nature and culture that bridges the gap between us and the earth? Is it because we want to show our families the beauty of stepping away from the norm and seeing something different? Is it to find comfort in the uncomfortable? Is it to check places off our bucket list and challenge ourselves on new terrains? Or is it just for the sake of liking to travel?  

 Two travelers on the alta Via 1 trail

Whatever it is, it unites us. Folks from all over the world and all walks of life are consistently looking for the next big adventure around the corner. Some of us like mountains - the rocky peaks casting shadows over flower-filled valleys, while others enjoy rushing rivers and sheep-filled pastures. Crystal-clear oceans with white sandy beaches beckon the warm weather lover, while fjords and glaciers call to the snow admirer.  

 Portuguese coast with turquoise waters

For repeat Macs traveler Susan, the call to travel came from spending time with her family in beautiful places. Starting on the Alta Via 1 in the Italian Alps, Susan and her family then made their way to the West Highland Way in Scotland, the Lake District in England, and the Grindelwald Trail in Switzerland. These travels are the result of her being inspired to give her kids international experiences at least once per year while growing up, and now 2-3 times per year. She feels the unmatched value in sharing culture and nature with her loved ones, and the never-ending gift that memories hold.  

 Mountain top view of a deep blue lake in the Lake District

What makes a #MacsMoment? It could be a time you stood in awe without words at a sweeping view, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Maybe it's a small moment, a blip in time, that felt special because of the company you were in. Or it could be an accomplishment - finally summiting that mountain you’ve been thinking about for months or getting your compostella after a Camino pilgrimage. Whatever it may be, a #MacsMoment is unique to the traveler, something that can’t be replicated, something that’s kept forever. 

 White house near Glen Coe on the West Highland Way

Susan’s many #MacsMoment experiences came from finding joy in the uncomfortable. Moments where she wasn’t surrounded by hundreds of tourists, moments where she may not have chosen to be there, but found herself in a ‘right place, right time’ situation. Moments that she keeps in her memory to recall times she felt a closeness with her family that only comes from new experiences shared together.  

 Cow with a snowy mountain on the Alta Via

While Susan and her family were on the Grindelwald trail, she suggested waking up early to see the sunrise over Faulhorn. What she didn’t plan for, was the absolutely freezing morning that they were met with. Enhancing the magic, the brutally cold temps brought out bright colors and a quietness to the morning that was enjoyed by Susan and her family, creating one of those moments where you feel like the only people in the world experiencing it.  


Sometimes, Mother Nature has unexpected plans for us. While on the Alta Via 1, Susan, her husband, and her son were enjoying their hut-to-hut adventure. Rifugio Lagazoui is the highest and largest mountain hut in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Panoramic Dolomites views, Finnish saunas, and its restaurant make it one of the most looked-forward-to overnights on the Alta Via 1. What was expected to be a typical morning at the rifugio turned into an unforgettable ‘adventure’ when the family arose to 11 inches of snow in August on the pass. Called her “Colorado moment in the Alps”, Susan and her family had to re-arrange their day on the spot due to not being able to see the trail markers…or even the trail itself!  

 bride across a lake on the Alta via

#MacsMoment experiences come in all different shapes and sizes, but it is apparent that the best stories come from our unforgettable experiences in new places. At Macs Adventure, we love learning about moments that make your trip so special, so remember to take it in, enjoy the ride, and then tell us your stories when you return! 


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