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Hiking Tours in the Italian Alps

Italian Alps

  • Explore the Aosta Valley and Gran Paradiso National Park
  • Discover classic walks in the Alps best kept secret valleys
  • Immerse yourself in the mountaineering culture of Pont and Cogne
  • Hike the best of the classic Alta Via 2 trail through Italy’s Aosta Valley
  • Embark on a challenging long-distance walk, perfect for Alpine connoisseurs
  • Share stories with fellow hikers in authentic mountain hotels and huts

The Alps in Italy stretch across the north of the country providing different experiences the further along them you travel. In the west, discover the Aosta Valley, known as the Heart of the Alps. Summer changes this area from a winter playground to a walker's paradise. The scenery is stunning and rivals the experience on the Tour du Mont Blanc but the paths are much quieter, and the food has all the flair you would expect from Italian cuisine creating a sense of sheer Alpine bliss.

Since 2012, Macs Adventure has been helping walkers to explore the wonders of the Italian Alps on foot and have carefully selected and researched our favourite Italian regions worthy of discovery. With the knowledge that our team have the expertise to find the tour that will fit your needs the most, you can book your walking holiday in the Italian Alps with confidence.

The best way to explore this quieter corner of this majestic mountain range is on foot. DiscoverGran Paradiso National Park and all its hidden wonders, sharing the trails with ibex, chamois, marmots and only a few local walkers or embark on our Classic Walks of Mont Blanc tour which offers sublime mountain views on both sides of the Mont Blanc Massif and experience mountain life from both the French and Italian perspectives. Whatever tour you choose, you will fall in love with this enchanting corner of Italy.

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Discover Italian Alps

  • Why Book your Walking Holiday in the Italian Alps with Macs Adventure?

    Macs Adventure has been sending hikers to explore the Italian Alps since 2012.  After our first research trip there, we were desperate to get our customers out to the Italian Alps and devised a range of products to let you delve deep into this region and explore all of its beauty for yourself. 

    We now send over 350 hikers to the Italian Alps every year, each of them finding their own adventure on this rugged part of Italy. We wanted to provide the freedom to choose your route, itinerary and travel companions and to take the Italian Alps at your own pace

    We know how daunting it can be, setting off on an adventure like this and we knew from experience how important it was to have amazing partners on the ground in the Italian Alps to deal with any issues that you might come across.  We have worked hard to build solid relationships with all the accommodation partners in the region and should you have the slightest issue, they will fall over themselves to help you out. 

    We offer a flexible Italian Alps experience that gets you in a mix of comfortable, friendly hotels and outstanding mountain rifugios. Because of the remote nature of this trip, baggage transfer is not the easiest, but we have made all the contacts to ensure that if it is possible to take your bags, we can do it, so if you want a bag-free hiking experience we can sort that out for you

    We want to showcase our expertise, by giving you all the resources you will ever need.  In the planning stage, we have a host of staff with their own Alpine stories, waiting to answer your questions. 

    We love the Italian Alps and our main aim is to make sure that you do too.  

    Why Book your Walking Holiday in the Italian Alps with Macs Adventure?
  • 5 Best Places to Hike in Italy

    1. Gran Paradiso - Not one of the big names in Italian tourism, Gran Paradiso is one of the most spectacular areas to hike. The Gran Paradiso National Park is Italy's oldest National Park and their most treasured. The scenery is incredible with deep valleys filled with deep sapphire coloured lakes, high jagged peaks, tiny glaciers, mountain ibex, and delightful little villages. Our Classic Walks of Gran Paradiso tour lets you explore the very best of this enchanting corner of Northern Italy. 

    2. Cinque Terre - Yes, the Cinque Terre really is as beautiful and colourful as you have seen in all the pictures. Hiking trails link the five idyllic villages along this UNESCO world heritage stretch of coastline and you can spend your days exploring and jumping between towns and hiking routes on the super-efficient rail service, before eating and drinking alfresco in the evenings. Heavenly! 

    3. The Dolomites - If you are looking for a uniquely Italian mountain experience then the Dolomites is the only place to be. Hiking up into the mountain range and then walking from one vibrant mountain hut past towering spires, white-turquoise lakes, and through meadows bursting with wildflowers is one of the greatest hiking experiences in Europe. Hiking in the Dolomites should be on everyone's must-walk list. 

    4. Amalfi Coast - This is where classic Italian Riviera chic meets rugged, winding hillside and coastal paths to produce a truly magical experience. The contrast of the deep blue Mediterranean and the green and burnished gold of the walking routes gives you an insight into why the longest route along the coast is named the Path of the Gods. Combining this with the stunning towns of Positano, Praiano and Ravanello make the Amalfi Coast a slice of classic Italian walking. 

    5. Via Francigena - A bit of a cheat here, because the Via Francigena is not a 'place' to hike in Italy, it is more of an experience. Like the Camino de Santiago, the Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrimage route that starts off in Canterbury, England and finishes up in Rome, however, the most popular part is walking from just over the Swiss border, through the heart of Italy. The Via Francigena is entirely memorable and a great challenge that rewards you both physically and spiritually. 

    5 Best Places to Hike in Italy
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