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Biking on the San Juan Islands

Washington state’s popular San Juan Island chain is the perfect biking destination for those seeking to experience the peacefulness and coastal beauty of the popular Pacific Northwest and serene Puget Sound. Easily accessible from Seattle, the islands are a short ferry ride from the mainland, welcoming visitors with the charm and character of a uniquely laid-back island community. We offer three variations of this tour, the classic San Juan itinerary, a more relaxed version and a 'best of' highlights trip, for those looking for the perfect getaway.  

The San Juan Islands are an ideal setting for the ultimate self-guided coastal biking tour. Rural and coastal roads connect quaint towns and your friendly, family-run accommodations. Rugged seaside views, one of a kind wildlife spotting, and some of the best local seafood available in the United States are just a few reasons why this location is a must visit on our list of the country’s top biking experiences. Make the most of your time on these stunning islands on a self-guided bike tour, exploring on your own schedule and at your own pace.