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Explore the towering cliffs, rock formations, tranquil islands and pristine white-sand beaches on a walking holiday in Brittany, synonymous with traditions such as cider production, gastronomy and music. Theirs is a proud culture full of strong heritage connected to other Celtic cultures, like Cornwall and Wales. Walk in these rugged landscapes on the Cote du Granite Rose on our Best of Brittany's Granite Coast tour, where the rocks appear to be pink and are edged with turquoise seas. Or perhaps you would like to try southern Brittany and more specifically the Gulf of Morbihan, which means "little sea" in Breton. This area full of small and peaceful islands also showcases pretty coastal cottages and truly magical dazzling seas. Why not try oysters in a charming little port town, or discover prehistoric remains and stone dolmens, which are plentiful.

On our Brittany: South Coast and Islands tour you can stroll through Vannes, a lively town with medieval ramparts, busy little squares and winding car-less narrow streets. It's such a treat to be able to sit in one of these squares and experience the local food, such as savoury galettes and sweet crepes, all washed down with some delicious local cider, which has been made in Brittany for centuries.

Whether you want to explore the northern or southern coasts of Brittany, or both, you can you can put your trust in Macs Adventure to provide you with a fun adventure consisting of easy-going coastal walking, trails on quaint islands and scenic ferry-boat rides, as we have been offering tours in Brittany for many years. This area was independent from France until the 16th century and the local language, Breton, is still very much alive. So pack up your suitcase and take a meaningful walking adventure in Brittany where you will become immersed in its Celtic history and culture and where you can enjoy the traditional gastronomy and possibly the music, if you're lucky enough to be there during a summer festival.

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  • The Celtic Folk Music of Brittany
    The Celtic Folk Music of Brittany

    Who knew that Brittany had it's own traditional music, closely related to the Celtic music of Wales and Cornwall? Over the last few decades it has seen a revival and part of a haunting song called "I Wait" ("Gortoz a Ran" in Breton) was even on an episode of "South Park" and in the film, "Black Hawk Down". 

    There is a style called kan ha diskan where teams of Capella singers trade verses and this is quite fast music that is supposed to accompany traditional Breton dancing. 

    There is also a slower type of music such as ballads called guerziou, which are the equivalent of Scottish airs, but only the most accomplished vocalists confident enough sing these songs, as a great voice is definitely a requirement.

    Instruments used vary, but one very much linked to this region is the biniou which is a form of bagpipe. They also use a double-reeded oboes, guitars, flutes, fiddles and percussion. There are also harpists who also create atmospheric music in this same tradition. 

    Breton music can be heard at local Celtic music festivals, but it is also played freely by small bands in cafes and bars. The local tourist office can provide you with dates of "what's on" in the region when you are there. 

  • Brittany Crepes - Sweet or Savoury?
    Brittany Crepes - Sweet or Savoury?

    The must-have food to eat in Brittany is a crepe. These delicious thin pancakes can be eaten on their own or filled with Nutella, fruit or served the traditional way with lemon and sugar. You can also try the galette (as pictured), a savoury pancake made with buckwheat flour (which is grown in Brittany and makes them gluten-free) with fillings such as potatoes and vegetables to the breakfast favourite of ham, cheese and eggs. 

    Found in street stalls, cafes and restaurants, you won't struggle to find either the sweet or savoury versions. It's not unheard of for the locals to have a savoury pancake as the main course, then a sweet pancake for dessert! 

  • Try a refreshing glass of Breton cider!
    Try a refreshing glass of Breton cider!

    The Breton locals love a tasty apple cider - although, oddly, you might find it served in a jug with a mug or bowl to drink out of. In Brittany, the cider is made using an ancient process that makes it rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral salts! The taste speaks for itself being sharp, fruity and utterly refreshing. Perfect after a day cycling along the coast.

    Cider is well respected here, and the Breton apple cider is the traditional drink to have with your galettes or crepes. You can even also ask for recommended pairings with food in restaurants, as you usually do with wine!

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